Sunday, October 6, 2013


Benjamin & Kyle started Grade 1.  It was a busy month for them as they go every day all day.  They are so tired by the end of the day! 

Benjamin is learning so much!! Over the summer, he learnt how to count to 10.  On the way home from our camping trip he started counting and kept going.  We were very surprised!  We play hide and seek with him a lot and always count to ten and apparently he picked that up.  He is learning his ABC's right now and knows most of the abc song.  He also picked up a lot of songs.  He started singing his bedtime prayer with us this summer.  One Sunday in September his Sunday School teacher came up to me and asked me if I had a list of songs that Benjamin knows since he was singing along to "Jesus loves me" in Sunday School.  I replied that I didn't even know he could sing along to that song.  Over the next couple weeks I heard him sing "My God is So Big, So Strong & So Mighty", "There is a Name I Love to Hear", "I'm in the Lord's Army."  We are trying to teach him Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow Right now.  A lot of the other songs he learnt just from watching his Sunday School Songs video from the Cedarmont Kids.  It would be nice to have a video like that with some Psalters and well known hymns. 

Kyle is learning so much in Grade 1.  He learnt about patterns one week and noticed one Sunday that my skirt had a pattern on it.  He has also been learning a lot of Bible Stories and is starting to answer more questions when we read the Bible at home.  He loves math and I found a few books for him for sale on Facebook which I picked up which he loves to work on after school.  He is so tired when he comes home from school but yet he loves to sit down with those books and learn more.  He loves to memorize Psalters and does really good with that.  The Bible verses he does good with but some of them are hard for him to remember and others he knows within a day or two.

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