Sunday, October 6, 2013

August- Alice Lake

In August we went to Alice Lake for 9 days.  We did tenting this time as we wanted to try it out with the kids.  Brave of us since we were going for 9 days but it all worked out.  It is much easier with a trailer but tenting did work.  It was nice since Benjamin had gotten off the bi-pap earlier in the month so we didn't have to set that up. 

A lot of time was spent climbing up the hill behind our campsite, sitting at the beach, hiking, going for walks, playing in the fort.

The bees were awful when we were there.  One morning we had pancakes with syrup and we literally had to watch each bite as we put it in our mouths otherwise we'd eat bees.  Since it was early in the trip, later that day Gary & I went to Walmart and found a large screen tent that all of us could take our chairs into and pass the food into there.  It worked much better and we actually started enjoying meals. 

The boys had a lot of fun climbing up the hill.  There was a fort up there that someone had built that of course the boys had to try take apart.  Thankfully they couldn't take the whole thing apart as parts were tied together.  But they had fun trying. 

We also went for a walk around the 4 lakes.  We went to the river for a while and the boys had fun throwing rocks into the small river that was there.  We continued on and it was quite the feat with Benjamin in the stroller and Gary & Jake carrying him over boulders, rocks, and places where they had to get the stroller up a steep hill.  But Benjamin had the time of his life doing this.

Evenings were spent around a propane fire that friends graciously lent us for the camping trip.  The boys had fun roasting marshmallows and it was very gezzelig.

Benjamin building sandcastles with Auntie Kathleen

Benjamin was giggling at uncle Larry- it was so hilarious to watch

watching a video before they had to go to bed

Devon on his trusty dolphin- he actually fell asleep on here in the water one afternoon. He was just laying there and when he looked closer he was fast asleep.
Benjamin really enjoyed sitting in the shallow part of the water.  It was great because he could scoot in the water on the sand without it hurting.

Playing in the fort together

our campsite while Jake & Kathy & my mom were there- we are the tent in the middle.

Kyle loved climbing the rocks on our hike

Benjamin enjoying throwing rocks.  Just don't step in front of him like Devon did.

Gary & Jake carrying Benjamin over a rock in the path

It poured the last few days we were there and Devon decided to catch the rain in his mouth

this is how to get the rope down when packing up

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