Saturday, February 9, 2013

This past Thursday Benjamin was airlifted to Children's Hospital.  He was fine in the morning but when I came home from Ladies Fellowship, he threw up.  He then looked "off" so we checked his sats and sure enough they were at 89.  Within 15 minutes he was breathing very quick (58 breaths per minute) so off to the ER I went with him.  Thankfully I phoned his pediatrician on his cell and he said he'd meet me there.  We registered and as we were waiting for triage, he came down the hallway and asked if Benjamin had been seen yet.  Because he hadn't he went to triage and told them that he wanted him to be seen next.  Triage started assessing him and told me his sats were horrible.  I got a bit scared then and asked what they were.  She told me 87.  I then relaxed a bit as that isn't that horrible in Benjamin's history.  We got in a bed and he kept getting worse and worse.  He went for a chest x-ray, got an IV and had antibiotics and fluids.  He kept looking worse so the pediatrician asked me to run home and get our bi-pap for Benjamin.  Once we set that up it was a bit easier for him to breathe but as the afternoon progressed he kept getting worse.  They put oxygen through the bi-pap and called over to Childrens.  They then arranged transport.  Once we got to Childrens he seemed a bit better.  On the helicopter he even got mad at the ITT guys because he didn't have a headset.  So one of the guys gave him his.  And he was chatting away to us.  Once we got here he seemed to even out.  He didn't sleep that great that night.  Yesterday he was ok.  But again last night he didn't sleep.  He looked worse this morning to us but now that he is on almost full feeds he seems to be perking up a bit.  He is still coughing and his coughing results in vomitting at times but he has only thrown up once today.  He had a great 2 hour deep sleep this afternoon which did him a world of good.  He seemed a lot perkier after his nap.  Hopefully tonight he'll be able to sleep good and then we will see what tomorrow brings.  I'm having a bit of a hard time with him in the hospital for the 3rd year in a row at this time.  But he isn't doing that bad. I'm just a little sick of hospitals and not getting much sleep myself.  I think I'm kind of scared he won't be home for his birthday and wonder if he'll be able to go back to school.  I pray he will because he loves it so much.  He also keeps pointing at his iv and saying "out".  Then he asks to go home.  I think he's sick of being here too. 

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