Sunday, February 10, 2013

Benjamin is home!!

What a change from last night!!!! When we left last night Benjamin was ok but not doing that great.   They had told us not to expect him home for a few days.  But when we came in this morning he was wide awake, sitting up in bed, on no oxygen!!!  Amazing!! He looked great and was very happy to see us.  When round came, the doctor asked if we'd like to take him home.   Yes, yes yes!!!  He is still very weak and tires out quite quickly.  He is still coughing a lot and might need a bit of oxygen in the coming days but he is home and looks to be improving.  What a change!!  Thank you for all your prayers for us!

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Anonymous said...

So thankful Benjamin's stay in the hospital was brief. May you continue to be given the strength and insight, as well as the love and patience you need to care for your family.

A Sister in Christ