Saturday, January 5, 2013


The month of December seemed to fly by this year.  Christmas came so fast.  It was an awesome day celebrating Jesus' birth. There were a lot of special memories made this year.

I was really worried about Benjamin since he doesn't do good with a lot of parties and usually has a lot more seizures but thankfully he didn't this year.  He mostly enjoyed all the parties with a few times where he couldn't handle all the people/noise.  Christmas with a special needs child is always different.  Sometimes he will have a lot of seizures because of the noise.  Sometimes he hits a lot more because of a change in routine. We never know what brings it on.  But this year was great- no seizures and only a bit more hitting.  He loved going to Auntie Evelyn & Uncle Glenn's house for the Hansma get together.  He showed them how he could walk holding onto hands.  My arms were getting sore so I put him down but he did NOT like that idea.  So Glenn walked with him for a bit.  Everyone was amazed with how great he did.  Then he decided that he was going to show them what he has been practicing at physio- getting up the stairs backward by pushing with his feet and hand.  He did great.  He is also loving the art easel/ chalkboard he got from Grandma.  At the Kanis get together he kept us busy by scooting down the stairs all the time and then whining at the bottom of the stairs that he wanted to come back up.  Since it takes a long time for him to get up the stairs and he needs a lot of help, everyone took turns carrying him.

Kyle asked all the time whose house we were going to next.  He loved all the parties.  He especially loved playing with his cousin Levi at Auntie Evelyn & Uncle Glenn's house.  He was really excited over the art easel.  He had gone with me to town a couple days before and seen it in town and wanted to buy it so when he saw it a few days later he was really excited.  At the Kanis Christmas get together Kath & I had decided to do a craft for the kids and he had a lot of fun with that.  The next few days he was busy asking when we could do the next craft.

I think this was the first Christmas that Devon actually understood the whole idea of presents.  He was so excited to get presents.  But everyone kept nudging him to go a little faster opening his present.  He would rip one piece of paper off, put it in the garbage, and then rip the next little, piece, put it in the garbage, etc, etc.  He loves the art easel and loved the tent he got from Grandma & Grandpa K.  He even slept under it the next night since we can attach it to his bed.  Well, I'm not actually sure if he slept since he was really excited and then wanted us to take it off after a while.

It was a very blessed Christmas.  I hope you all had a blessed Christmas too and that you took time to celebrate Christ's birth.

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