Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my two sweet boys!!! When I think of how far you have both come in the past year I am amazed.

Benjamin, last year was not a fun birthday for you! You were on ECMO and a thread away from death. It is amazing that we can celebrate your birthday with you this year. You have come so far!! I love your determined character! Anytime you can not do something you will try and try and try until you can. You are learning so many new words right now. We can't understand a lot of them but they definitely make sense to you. You now love to read books to yourself and will turn the pages and pretend to read. You love to play with your two brothers and sometimes annoy them. You love to play with your Daddy when he gets home from work. You love to try climb on him. You love life even though your life is not the easiest.

Kyle, you have not had an easy last year either. All the emotions that came with your brother being so sick are finally working their way out. You have a sweet sensitive character and care about the people around you. You love to read books and play cars. You love to make us do exercises at night before you go to bed:) You love to play with your brothers but also love to play by yourself in your room. You love to climb on Dad and read with mom. You love Curious George & Bob the Builder and would watch it all day if you were allowed to.

I hope you have a fun-filled birthday! I love being your mom even though I may not always be the best mom. Happy 5th Birthday Benjamin & Kyle!!

Benjamin- February 2007

Kyle- February 2007

May 2007

August 2011


Anonymous said...

First time commenting on your blog! It is nice to hear first hand how they are doing when they are in the hospital. You have definately gone through many ups and downs. Glad they are doing well at the moment.
How much did they weigh when they were born? they look pretty tiny :(
Patricia Neels

Greta and Gary said...


They weighed 1 pound, 7 ounces.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Benjamin and Kyle! Hope you had a very happy birthday!

MichelleP said...

Look at how far you have all come!!! One word: AMAZING!!! Happy birthday, boys!! God bless you richly!!!