Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy birthday to my little monkey. I can't believe you are TWO already!! It seems like just yesterday that you were born. You have grown so much but you are still Mommy's little baby:)

Some things you love to do:
-drink: unlike your brother you drink a lot. You're always asking for more a juice (apple juice)!
- play with balls
-read books
-talk: you are such a little talker. This morning we went to the store. And you were pointing out every truck, car, a truck (garbage truck) on the way. Then we went to auntie Alice's to drop off something for Jesse and you told me the whole way home "Awice weeeeping"
-play with your brothers: you are going to be so lost when they go to KG. Every time Kyle is gone to preschool you can't wait until he comes home.
-eat chocolate
-watch Curious George & Barney
-chew on your banket (blanket): sometimes it is so disgustingly dirty and stinky from you chewing on it.

You are so adorable! You get so excited about the little things!! It is so much fun to watch you and play with you. I love you so much:)

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Martin and Wieska said...

I tried leaving a comment the other day, but it wouldn't work... soooo happy belated birthday to Devon!!