Sunday, February 12, 2012

Benjamin is home:)

Yesterday Gary & I went to visit Benjamin after lunch. I snuggled with him in bed and fell asleep myself for a bit. After he woke up a bit more the nurse asked if he'd like to play on the mat. So we played on the mat for a bit. He kept trying to open the door and got his leg out and was saying "bye" to us. Then I went to the nurses station to ask if we could take him for a short walk outside in his wheelchair. She said she'd check with higher authority and get back to me. Since we also had some questions about the venting set up being different than the day before she talked to the doctor and confirmed what we were supposed to be doing at home. She asked the doctor if we could go for a short walk outside and his reply: "Well, would they like to go home?" YES, of course!! He asked if we had all the supplies we needed to take him home. We told them that we didn't have his saturation monitor or his feeding bag but that we could just keep an eye on his color and feed him a bit late. So after much packing up off we went. We had a lot to take home. Since everything in his room gets thrown out after he leaves because of the respiratory infection etc we went through all the drawers and got a few bags of different supplies. Then we stopped at Debbie's house to pick up our other kids and had some dinner there and then went home. We had a few glitches at home since we had forgotten part of the bi-pap cord in his room but thankfully we found a cord that would work from our camera charger. We are thankful to have him home. He was very excited to be home but still tires out very quickly. Hopefully he'll gain his strength in a few days. We are just excited that he can be home for his birthday on Wednesday.


Martin and Wieska said...

Rejoicing with you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Benjamin is home . We hope and pray that he may have all his colds behind him .Wishing you all the LORDS Blessings and many hugs from us all .Love dad and Eleanore