Thursday, February 9, 2012

Benjamin is doing good:) Right now he is doing 2 1/2 hour trials off the bi-pap four times a day. He mostly does ok with that although at times his saturations do dip into the mid 80s (they want it 92 & above). The plan is to keep weaning him off the bi-pap until he is only on it for his nap & nighttime. This is what he was at before. However, they have to go slow so his lungs realize that they need to work. Because he was on full-time bi-pap for a while, his lungs have come to depend on it and when he is off they sometimes don't realize that they have to get working again. The hope is that he will be able to come home by Monday. Which would be awesome since his birthday is on Wednesday and I really don't want to have another one of his birthdays at the hospital. I will be glad when winter is over and all the germs go away! I'm thankful he is doing this well since we were told that they were surprised that he wasn't worse because of his history:) I guess his lungs have gotten stronger since last year. He keeps the nurses busy now that he is getting better. I can tell he's about ready to come home- pulling off his foot probe, pulling his bi-pap off when he's supposed to be wearing it, trying to climb over the bed rails (they lowered the bed as low as it would go), making his alarm go to the high pitched one (means his saturations are really low) so that the nurses will come running only to find out that he was just trying to get them to come say hi to him. I'm not exactly sure how he does the last one but his saturations are down to 49% and when the nurses come running they go back up to 95% and he starts laughing at them. What a goof!!

Kyle has talked a lot on the phone to Benjamin and every night when he's in bed asks us if we are going to pick up Benjamin when he's better. We think that he thinks that because Benjamin can talk he's all better and should come home. He also asks us if Benjamin is alone and I told him that God is always in the room with Benjamin even when the nurses go out of Benjamin's room. And then I told him that God was beside Kyle too. Kyle replied "No, God is with Benjamin, not here with Kyle!" His mind can't quite grasp that God can be everywhere.

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