Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BENJAMIN'S COMING HOME!!! (Yes, I'm shouting it to the world)

We have a discharge date!!!!! Benjamin is coming home!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011 is the day that we plan to take Benjamin home from the hospital:)

According to Gary, I’m in the nesting stage as I’m trying to get everything organized & set-up for Benjamin’s homecoming. Let’s see:
-equipment training: check
-clean house: still need to do
-history typed out just in case of cold and needing to go to hospital: still need to do
-table set-up in Benjamin’s room for the bipap equipment: still need to do
-phone Valley Orthocare about orthotics: still need to do
-pantry organized so we can fit Benjamin’s concentrator in there: check
-oxygen supplies ordered from Vital Aire: check
-medication list typed up: still need to confirm with hospital which medications he’s all on
-finish painting Devon’s door: still working on
-order all the medications from Pharmasave: still need to do
-get all appointments for Benjamin sorted out: check
-charge Benjamin’s saturation monitor: still need to do

So yeah, I’ll be quite busy these last couple days before he comes home. But I’m loving it. Thinking about it, yes, I guess I am nesting but it’s all things that need to be done.



Barb Delviken said...



So EXCITED for you and your family ~ I'm crying HAPPY tears right now :)

I will continue to Pray for healing for Benjamin and Strength for you. You are one BUSY & ORGANIZED mom, I am sure your to do list will be completed by Monday. Greta, you definitely deserve "THE MOTHER of the YEAR AWARD!"

~ THANK YOU JESUS for answering our Prayers ~

Hugs to you ALL

Evelyn van Egdom said...

I'm so HAPPY for you I don't even know how to adequately express it!!! Praying that you will find the energy to get all those things ticked off that list of yours :) I will continue to pray for complete healing for Benjamin and am so incredibly thankful for how far he's come!!!



Tim and Alice said...

And when people say God doesn't perform miracles today...we have one right in front of our eyes. Amazing.

Alice & Tim

Anonymous said...

And we are SO excited for you too!! Our God truly is awesome and does awesome things in our lives!
Love from the DeGroots

Anonymous said...

Great news that Benjamin is coming home. We are very happy and thankful for this to happen .Our God is awesome .Big Hugs to all .Love dad and Eleanore

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear!
I miss you guys, i'll try to get dad to plan a trip down soon, so I can give Benjamin lots and lots of hugs and kisses <3


Robert-Sandra said...

Amazing!! What a journey you've been on and how awesome that you're taking him home! It's been incredible how you've witnessed throughout this tough time and God is so honoured by it!! Wishing you God's blessing and strength as you get ready for the big day:)

Robert-Sandra said...

and I can only imagine how excited Benjamin and Kyle are!!!

Anonymous said...

That is really good news! Now you can see that praying really helps. Our Father really cares for his children!
Maybe we'll meet in the summer.

Stephan en Tanja

Anonymous said...

Miracles Happen. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! MPronkFamily

Heather said...

Greta, we are just so thrilled for you! God is so good! We will keep praying for you all! The Procee's :)

Anonymous said...

Gary and Greta,

We are so happy for you. We will pray for continued healing. God still does miracles!

Esther Wisse

LeanneO said...

Love you guys! We're so thankful for you. What a special day it will be. God is SO good.
ps. I thought I heard some racket this afternoon, was it you? :)

Elena said...

SO thankful for and with you!! Hope the transition home will go well too!

Martin and Wieska said...

We're so very excited for you too!