Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tomorrow is the day we take a course on the bi-pap machine. It actually doesn’t sound too difficult since we are not allowed to change the settings on it. So basically all we have to do is put the mask on his nose and make sure there are no leaks and turn the machine on. And change the filter once a month. So I guess we will find out what they are going to teach us for 2 hours.

All the things that we need to do for him to come home seem to be going smoothly. It’s still hard to believe that he is coming home very soon!!! My emotions are a bit of a wreck right now as I’m still dealing with the fact that he IS alive! Benjamin’s doctor said this is very normal and that it would probably take all summer for us to digest all this. She explained to me that when we take him home we would be happy & sad. Happy because we are taking him home but yet sad because we are still dealing with all the emotions that we suppressed when he was on ECMO. Put it this way, we went from planning a funeral to now taking him home from the hospital. So bear with me if I all of a sudden burst into tears because of something said. I’m just working through all the emotions right now.

Yesterday I gave Benjamin a haircut at the hospital. I brought my camera but forgot to take a picture because my mind was on what the doctor had just talked to me about. I’ll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow. Anyway back to Benjamin getting a haircut. He was NOT impressed. Which didn’t surprise me at all since he’s not very impressed at home when I give him a haircut. But it was getting just a tad shaggy.

Anyway I’ll leave you with some pictures that were taken over the past week or so.


Anonymous said...

You will do AWESOME!!! And so will Benjamin. Praying for your changing needs, and giving thanks for what is...MPronkFamily

Tim and Alice said...

I am SO HAPPY to hear everything is falling into place. Actually, happy doesn't even describe it. Just amazing.
Thankful that Gods plan was to keep him with us:)
U. Tim & A. Ali

Anonymous said...

Dear Greta and GAry,
I just realized that the comment I made on your last post didn't post! Oh well...so often what you say and write is so familiar to me, and especially this post. We too thought we would have to plan a funeral, and now it has been almost 1 year since we took Ryan home from the hospital. We still have it, almost daily, where we look at him in amazement and wonder that he is still here with us. I am sure those feeling won"t leave you in a hurry either. Praise God that Benjamin is still here and that you can anticipate taking him home really soon! We will also pray that his medical needs are not too daunting for you and that you will receive the strength you need each day!
Love to all of you!
The DeGroots

Eileen said...

I am so excited for all of you. Emotions play a huge roll in our lives as do all the ups and downs. They say their is a reason for everything, but sometimes you wonder...I pray that the home transition goes smoothly - keep getting stronger Benjamin. Prayers, hugs and love for everyone, Eileen and Doug Gunn