Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love what this boy’s mind comes up with!

Thursday I had a Mother’s Day Tea with Kyle. He was too shy to sing the songs in front of everyone and just sat there watching everyone. Then he gave me a plant and we had some ice tea & cake together.

When we got in the van he pointed to the picture he had made at preschool and said “I put words on there.” I said “Yes, it says I love Mom.” To which he replied pointing at me “I love you THIS Mom.” Awww….. Then he proceeded to ask “Where’s my other Mom?” I’m not sure where this comes from- it could either stem from the fact that he always asks where Grandma is and then where his other Grandma is. Or from the fact that he called my sis-in-law Debbie, Mom for a month.

Then as we’re speeding up to go on the highway yesterday morning he says “This is a racing van.”

And lately if we ask him to do something he's very particular in how we word it. He likes to wear a sweater lately instead of a jacket and if someone asks him to put his jacket on, he'll duly inform them, "No, I need to put my sweater on." And the same goes for if someone asks him to put his shoes on: "No, I need to put my runners on." What a goof!

And last night when we told him that Benjamin was coming home on Monday he said, “No, we go pick up Benjamin right now.” He is going to be so excited to see Benjamin home again! On Thursday night he talked to Benjamin on the phone for about 10 minutes but that night again he had nightmares. So I hope Benjamin coming home will help with that. Every time he sees Benjamin or talks to him he now has nightmares. He’s quite excited that Benjamin is coming home. He’s not awake yet this morning but I’m sure one of his first questions will be “When are we going to get Benjamin?”

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Eileen said...

Greta, We am so excited for everyone:) I hope today is a very Happy Mothers Day for you.Love,hugs and prayers for everyone. Eileen and Doug Gunn