Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday when Gary & I went there Benjamin was doing great. He’s been doing 1 hour trials 4 times during the day shift of optiflow oxygen. This is sort of like high flow oxygen but has a lot more settings. Anyway it’s better than bi-pap. They had to switch him to this and the nurse asked if we’d like a picture with him with nothing on his face:)

Monday when I went to the hospital, Benjamin wasn’t doing as good. He was only able to do a 15 minute trial of the optiflow oxygen. Then for his second trial he didn’t tolerate even being switched to it. A lot of this was due to the fact that the night nurse didn’t suction him overnight because his saturations didn’t really show that he needed to be suctioned and she wanted to let him sleep. Big Mistake!!! Benjamin really needs the suctioning so now they are making sure to stay on top of the suctioning.

Today when I called, Todd said he was having a much better day:) He tolerated his optiflow trials and was up in his chair laughing and giggling. He loves playing with Santiago (one of the care aids).

The nurse took a picture for us when they were switching him from the bi-pap to the optiflow:)


Anonymous said...

Wow, just started following your blog. You are an amazing mom and so strong! You have been through so much with your boys. Praying for Benjamin that he will heal and come home very soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot, that is a very cute picture! What a handsome litle dude he is! :)

Tim and Alice said...

caaa--utie patootie!
Love you like CRAZY B! keep fighting!

Auntie Ali & Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture! What an amazing tough little guy Benjamin is. Hoping and praying he keeps getting stronger every day.
Trish Anker

Martin and Wieska said...

great picture!!

Eileen said...

Keep up the progress Benjamin. Prayers and hugs for all.
Going home from Hawaii tomorrow,and looking forward to seeing Hayden. Eileen and Doug Gunn