Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yesterday on the drive to Children’s I was thinking “It’s such a beautiful day!! I wonder if they can arrange it so that Benjamin can go outside for even just 5 minutes.”

So I got there, got stopped by a pharmacist to talk about how great Benjamin is doing. Then met a nurse who I hadn’t seen in a while who is a sweetie. I mentioned it to her and she said to just mention it to Benjamin’s nurse as they have done it before. When I got to Benjamin a nurse was covering his nurse’s break so I didn’t mention it to her. I visited with Benjamin for a while and then his nurse came in the room. I asked her about it and she said she would talk with the RT’s (Respiratory Therapists) to see if they would have time and then she asked the doctor. The RT’s said “For Benjamin, OF COURSE!!” And the doctor told her to go for it. After about an hour- hour and a half of planning it was all arranged.

In the meantime we went for lunch at Van Dussen Gardens:) Then we went back and they were just about ready. So I helped them put Benjamin in the wheelchair, rigged up a gown that would cover his bare arms and covered him with some blankets. His eyes lit up when I told him that we were going to go for a walk outside. As we were waiting for the nurse and RT’s to get all the equipment sorted out I could tell he was getting anxious to go:) It’s amazing how much equipment Benjamin needs for a walk while in the ICU- the bi-pap machine, a portable saturation monitor, a suction machine, an oxygen tank to hook the bi-pap to, a backup battery for the bi-pap machine, emergency resuscitation equipment just in case the bi-pap machine stops working. But it was all worth it just to see his eyes light up as we came outside and the smile on his face.

We walked down a few hallways to get outside and then walked around the building and back in. The last little bit we had to walk a little faster since his battery for the bi-pap machine was starting to go dead. When we got back inside I could tell he wanted to go back out. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again sometime.

It’s amazing how all the nurses around were so excited that Benjamin got to go outside! I can definitely tell he’s in good hands with the amount of love he gets from them. And it’s amazing what they’ll do for about ½ hour outside! I’m so happy Benjamin got to experience going for a walk again after being in the hospital for 10 weeks!!

All ready to go:)

Taking the back way out of the hospital

Outside for the first time in 10 weeks!

Mommy enjoying watching Benjamin's expressions at being outside!

Having fun taking my son for a walk

Coming back in- taking up the whole hallway


Ruth said...

Aww, Love the pictures, Greta!! So happy for you and Benjamin that it was possible to take him outside for a while!!! How exciting and heartwarming to hear how the staff at Children's go the extra mile for an outing like this. Praying that Benjamin continues to improve day by day.
Hugs to you all!
Love Ruth

Melanie said...

so so awsome that he got to get outside. fresh air is so good!! also great that they got a triangle nose/mouth mask for Benjamin that doesnt blow his poor little eyes off. What a trooper for being so good with the mask. So many adults cant even handle the constant blowing and the tightness of it.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! What a kerfuffel!!!! That'll do his body and mind good, though!!! MPronkFamily

Anonymous said...

Soooo Happy to hear he got some fresh air. Love the pics! Still thinking and praying for you all!

Tim and Alice said...

so glad I could be there!!!:D
the expressions on his face were precious. so proud of how far he's come.
praying for you all everyday.

love, auntie ali & uncle tim.

Betty said...

woohoo! what a great time for you all. :) and that is so awesome the way they care about Benjamin there - as a fellow mother, I can relate to relief that must bring. Keep it up, Benjamin!

Anonymous said...

Great to see this day for you and Benjamin .That's awesome !!!!! Must lift up your,e spirit after such a long time .God is good and we hope that soon he can be home again .Thinking and praying for you all ,Love Dad and Eleanore

Eileen said...

This is awesome! What would we do without all the special nurses and Drs. at Childrens. The pictures show it all.
Love,hugs and prayers;
Eileen and Doug Gunn

Martin and Wieska said...

What an exciting day for you all!! Thanks for sharing this special memory :)

Barb Delviken said...


WOW..... what an AWESOME idea you had :)
So nice to see him up and about enjoying the sunshine and going for a walk with mom :)
Praying for Benjamin and your family daily that he continues to improve and in no time he will be home with you :)

Hugs to you ALL

Anonymous said...

lieve fam Kanis, wat geweldig om dit te zien,ontroerend
veel liefs en gebed

joop en jennie

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and Rejoicing with you in Benjamins improvements. May the Lord be with you Gretta, Gary and family.
Hoping Psalter 324, "Our only Source of Help" is in your hearts.

Mary-Ann and Nick Dykstra