Friday, April 22, 2011

What a beautiful day today!!! This morning’s sermon touched on the darkest hours when Jesus was on the cross and I feel very blessed to have the sun out today. What amazing grace! Jesus was forsaken of God that we might never be forsaken of him. Have you come to the SON yet?

Today after church I enjoyed the sun by going outside and weeding our gardens and mowing our lawn. It was great to have that time to myself to reflect on the sermon this morning while the boys slept. Then after the boys woke up from their nap we all went back outside and enjoyed playing in the backyard. Devon decided that he wanted to climb on a puppy teeter-totter that we have and he sat on it and started rocking. It was quite cute. Then he proceeded to try climb up the slide. He’s getting to be a little monkey. I don’t remember Benjamin & Kyle being this rambunctious at this age. I guess they were a little smaller as I think they were only about 10-15 lbs at a year. Then both Kyle & Devon had fun on the swingset. Kyle loves to go on the glider with me (the one where there’s 2 seats with a bar in the middle) and try rock the whole swingset. He’s getting much braver as last year I couldn’t even get him on the glider. Then we went for a walk to Grandma & Grandpa’s.

Benjamin has had a good couple of days. They’ve now been trialing optiflow during the day and bi-pap for his naps and at night. It seems to be going good. Gary phoned me tonight to also let me know that they did a one hour trial of 2L O2 via nose-prongs. Amazing! He seemed to do good with it but they still don’t want to go too fast as they don’t want to set him back by tiring him out. When I phoned this afternoon he was just getting ready to go for a walk outside. It’s great that he got to enjoy the sun too:) I was also told that the other day when they took him for a walk when I wasn’t there that he threw a temper tantrum when it was time to go back inside and threw the saturation monitor on the ground. Sounds like he’s on the mend:) That definitely sounds like something Benjamin would do!! I normally wouldn’t get excited about this but I’m pretty excited as that just shows he’s on the mend since that is totally his character. He loves to go outside but hates it when we have to come back inside.

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Thanks again for your update .Glad to see that Benjamin is improving day by day . Yes we can be very thankful to the Lord for that .And not only that but that He gave His life for us by going to the cross to pay for our debt the sins which we have committed. And that he rose again on the third day to show that God has accepted His sacrifice and that the door to Paradise is opened thru HIM. Yes we may invite our friends and families to come to Jesus for their salvation. It is free so why wont you come ? Come today before it is too late !!!! Love dad and Eleanore