Thursday, September 16, 2010

We went camping at Cultus this summer. We borrowed a trailer from some very kind people and had a great time.

The first day was a little hectic since Devon ended up screaming at 11pm and we could not calm him down. So I went home but he screamed the entire way home so I ended up going to the ER. Apparently he was not ready for solids yet. So he got some medication and we slept at home and went back up the next morning.

Tuesday was a much better day! Devon especially enjoyed his jumperoo, which I’m glad we brought along because he was in it most of the time. We went for a walk to the lake after breakfast and didn’t bother changing the boys into their swimwear since it was cool at the campsite. However, that didn’t stop Kyle! Into the water he went, clothes & all. Benjamin really enjoyed throwing rocks in the water & Devon enjoyed putting his feet in the water since it was really warm by the lake. In the afternoon we headed back to the lake and Gary & I enjoyed a nice leisurely swim out to the buoys while Grandma & Grandpa watched the kidlets.

Wednesday a whole crew came out and we sat by the water for the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed lazing in the sun, swimming, & catching fish. The whole crew stayed for a dinner of sloppy joes. It was yummy. We got asked once or twice by the ranger if all the cars were staying the night;) It was a great time with everyone!

Thursday it rained most of the day but the boys did really well playing under the big tarp. We set up the superyard so that they couldn’t escape. However, a couple times, Benjamin did try to escape. Once it wasn’t pouring hard, we let the boys wander around the campsite in their splashpants. They were super muddy by the end of the day but they had a great time exploring.

Friday was pouring rain most of the day so after trying to entertain our kids at the campsite and it not really working, we went for a drive. We decided to check out Columbia Valley and see what is actually around there. When we were done doing that we went out to Chilliwack Lake. Once we got there it had stopped raining so we sat on the beach for a little bit. It was too bad that we didn’t have the sand toys along, as there was lots of great sand there. Alice & Tim came up at night and we enjoyed dinner with them (except the garlic bread which apparently does not really work on the bbq). Then we played games for a while.

Saturday we packed up and went home. Then came the 12 loads of laundry. But it was all worth it.

Lounging around

Benjamin throwing rocks in the water
Kyle throwing rocks in the water

Kyle swimming in his clothes in the morning

Benjamin following Kyle's example & testing the water

with his clothes on. He didn't go very far in though.

Enjoying a stroller ride on a cool morning

Enjoying the beach

Roughhousing with Daddy

Taking over Mommy & Daddy's bed

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LeanneO said...

Way to go for you guys! You sound like the best parents ever sticking it out through the rain and enduring the wash all in the name of great muddy explorations.
Hooray for camping!