Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tale of 2 Naughty Boys

This morning Benjamin & Kyle woke up in a very naughty mood. I came out of the shower & while I was getting ready heard giggling in their room so I went over there. Well...... Benjamin managed to get off his bed with all his cords attached and wasn't crying so I'm not sure how he managed it. They had emptied their short sleeve shirt drawer, their sock & hat drawer, & their shorts drawer. So I made them wait in their beds until it was all put away. Kyle felt really bad since he kept looking at me and saying "hi mom" in this guilty voice. I ignored him since I wasn't quite happy at the time and didn't want to say anything mean to them. Eventually it was all put away and I told Kyle & Benjamin to give me a hug & say sorry. Well they did and all was forgiven. Then.... I went downstairs to put a load of laundry in the washer and what did I come back upstairs to??? Kyle had climbed in Devon's playpen and was playing under the playmat. What a goof!!! So he promptly got in trouble again since I don't want him climbing in there with Devon and doing who knows what to him while I'm gone for a minute.

I think we need the sun back again today so that they can go outside.

We went to the park yesterday with Auntie Alice and she took lots of pictures so I'll have to get her to e-mail them to me so I can post them on here:)


Kathy VanMuyen said...

I'm thinking this is just the beginning. Just think, in a year or so you will have 3 monkeys moving around. :)

Evelyn said...

Oh Greta, what a bunch of boofs, lol!! I'd have to agree with Kathy, this is only the beginning ;) Try to relax and enjoy the moments but I totally understand how frustrating it can be some days :)