Monday, June 14, 2010

Yesterday was a day full of many blessings. First a friend of ours professed her faith. It was so neat to see the excitement in her face as she said yes to the questions. Welcome to the battle, Brittany!

Then our little boy, Devon, received the sign & seal of God’s covenant. What a gracious God we serve!

It was very special to be up there as a family. My mom brought Benjamin and Kyle up from the babysit just before the baptism so they could witness this special occasion. They probably don’t understand but they might remember when they’re a bit older and we can explain it more to them.

Then we learnt about the God of Hope. It was such an encouraging sermon. What an attractive name, dependable name, and helpful name the God of Hope is.

A very cute thing happened while the boys were in church. After reading the form for baptism, the pastor prayed. Kyle spoke up, “But we didn’t read the Bible”. So I guess that he understands a bit more than we think since he was confused as to why we didn’t read the Bible before the pastor prayed.

My sister, Alice got to hold Devon for the baptismal service. She was very excited to be able to hold him for such a special occasion. She has been so special to all our boys in so many ways. Every time she comes over, Devon loves to sit with her. I can’t say he loves to snuggle since he’s not a snuggler. And Benjamin & Kyle love to go for walks to the park and make her read many books. Thank you Alice for doing such a good job keeping Devon quiet:)

After church we had coffee & baking in the gym. The baking was really yummy and we all had a good time socializing with everyone. Then Alice & Tim & my mom came over for hamburgers. We went for a walk to the park and of course had to take a few pictures.


Kathy VanMuyen said...

It certainly was a day full of blessings!! It was so great to see all of you up there! How good God is! We will pray that God will grant you strength and wisdom as you and Gary bring your boys up in the way of the Lord! Look to Him, for He will supply all you need.

love aunty Kathy and opa Jake.
I just love hearing Kyle say "Opa Jake". The expression on his face when he says it is priceless!

Alice said...

my pleasure! it was a honor holding Devon!