Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scary Moment

Today we had a bit of a scary moment. We were all outside enjoying the sunshine this morning when all of a sudden Gary noticed that Benjamin was starting to get a rash & his arms were really puffy. Last night he started on a new seizure medication and we had been warned about a rash that can be fatal so our first thought was that it was the fatal rash. But we had also been warned that this drug can cause an allergic reaction to the sun. So we called up the neurologist on call at Childrens and ended up talking to a fellow (I think). We explained everything to her and she talked to her head neurologist who suggested that we stop the medication completely and then phone Benjamin's own neurologist on Monday. Thankfully the rash went away within an hour and his puffiness was gone within 2 hours. So Monday I guess we'll find out what Benjamin's neurologist wants to do. I sure hope she finds another drug that works because we can't keep him out of the sun since he loves the outdoors. For today Benjamin had to stay inside since we didn't want this to happen again.

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