Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Day at BCCH

In the van on the way there, Benjamin was really sad & mad that he could not sleep.
All hooked up to the wires with a hat on so he wouldn't pull it off.
The EEG monitor & the video feed.

Get those things off me already!

Well, we just got home from BCCH- Benjamin was diagnosed with infantile spasms which is a particular type of seizure. Good thing is that it usually goes away but the bad news is that it can cause neurological damage. He was put on a medication right away & then we have to go back in 2 weeks for another EEG so they can see if the med is working. If not then he has to be admitted while they try out a steroid shot. It is a steroid that really has to be monitored and nurses would have to give it at our house every other day once they get the dose under control. So hopefully the first medication works.


Anonymous said...

Praying that this medicine will work..all the best!

Martin and Wieska said...

praying for you guys!