Thursday, April 16, 2009

I thought I'd post some pictures of Kyle's sleepover at Auntie Ali & Uncle Tim's while Benjamin had his EEG done. The first one is of Kyle sitting on Uncle Tim's lap. I'm told that when Uncle Tim came home from work Kyle got all excited and ran to him. So cute:) Kyle also LOVES to read books!!

Yesterday I went to the park with my friend Leanne & all her kids. We had a great time enjoying the sun. People probably wondered about these two moms with 7 kids between them:) These are some pictures of Benjamin enjoying sitting on the grass. He was in the swing for a long time and then sat on the grass and enjoyed watching everyone. In the background of the 2nd picture you can see Kyle trying to get to the road. Benjamin is wearing his restraint which is why you can only see one arm.

Last night was a really long night as Benjamin now has the cold that Kyle has. Because his nose was stuffed up the nose prongs wouldn't work so we ended up having to put a mask on him. He's doing much better today so hopefully this cold doesn't turn into a visit to ARH. I'm praying I get some sleep tonight since I haven't had more than 4 hours for the past 3 nights.

This morning I went grocery shopping with Kyle and he was very well behaved until we got to Hofstede's & he wanted to take off into the parking lot. He cried the whole time I was in the store. Then we went to Superstore & he was very well behaved. I'm not sure what happened in the 2 minutes between Hofstede's & Superstore but I'm glad he didn't scream the whole time I was at Superstore.

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