Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today was a busy day and I'm glad I finally have a chance to sit down:) Kyle & I went grocery shopping this morning, came back, quickly had lunch, and then we all took off to Abby hospital to get RSV & pneumococcal shots for Benjamin and just the pneumococcal shot for Kyle. They didn't get a nap today so I'm hoping that they go to bed early since they're already grumpy.

Yesterday was a fun day. I did laundry in the morning (not the fun part, lol) and then in the afternoon, Mom Kanis & Leah came over and we planted 5 trays of flower seeds. So our garden is going to be plenty colorful this summer. Benjamin sat in the wagon & watched us and Kyle "helped" us with his little shovel. He kept patting down the soil with his shovel even though it didn't fit in the tray for the seeds. It was quite funny to watch. I didn't end up getting pictures of this since my hands were so dirty and I didn't think of it until later.

We're still waiting for a call from Children's as to when Benjamin's EEG is. Last Friday when we went to a routine appt in respirology we mentioned Benjamin's sleep apneas (where he just stops breathing & we have to tap him sometimes to get him to realize it and start breathing again) to the dr. We also told him about Benjamin's startling and when he saw a startle, he thought it was a small seizure and was very concerned. So he called neurology to see if they could come see us right away. So we ended up seeing a neurologist that day & she wants Benjamin to have an EEG within the next two weeks and then go from there. She was worried that the part of his brain that controls breathing while he’s sleeping may be damaged from the bleed he had when he was born. However, she could not give us any answers as Benjamin did not startle while she was there. This was a hurdle that we did not expect. We are having a hard time trusting right now as it seems that every time Benjamin seems to be doing good something else comes up.
Please pray that we will get some answers and that we will be able to deal with whatever comes our way.

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