Saturday, April 25, 2009

So, we are working on making a new picket fence for our front walkway.... I came inside because I had to wait an hour between coats. And I put the paintbrushes on the table wrapped in plastic. And as I'm having a snack, I wonder where Kyle took off to. Well, he comes into the livingroom with the paintbrush in his hand and almost started painting our couches.... So I get him in trouble and go back to the kitchen to wrap the paintbrush back up and he had also painted parts of my floor. Ahhh.... the joys of a 2 year old.

This past week I bought two baby swings for our swingset. The boys just love going outside in the backyard & swinging, kicking the ball, going in the push car (also new this week). I just love the facebook buy & sell:)

Words Kyle has started to say:
-juice (signs this as well)
-more (signs this as well)
It's so cute to hear him starting to talk.

Benjamin absolutely loves the new swings. He loves to be pushed high!!! And starts yelling at me if I'm not giving him enough pushes. He also loves to go in the new push car. Except he likes to slide down in it so we will have to rig up a seatbelt.

Benjamin has also started going forward a little bit in his KidWalk. Our nurse, Sue, had the idea to sing "If you're happy & you know it stomp your feet..." Well, when he stomps his feet he goes forward. But he still loves to cruise backward. Maybe because he can go so fast. This week I bought some PVC insulation and wrapped it around the handles at the back of the KidWalk because my walls were getting so many dings in them. We will see if this helps:)


LeanneO said...

aren't kids and paint a dangerous mix!?

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Oh the joys of kids :) They grow up quickly..... so enjoy .....even those moments