Monday, January 14, 2008

Today we were blessed with good news from the vision impairment clinic. When we saw the doctor in October, Benjamin’s eyesight was very impaired. This time when we saw the doctor, Benjamin’s eyesight was FOUR times better than what it was!!!:) What a blessing to praise God for!

Benjamin still has great challenges in eating. He needs to see a specialist to find out why he isn’t taking anything by mouth and to see if anything can be done for reflux.

Benjamin will probably continue to be on oxygen till late summer or later. His lungs and heart still remain very delicate but there is hope that he will outgrow this sometime in the next several years; especially if he doesn’t catch a cold or RSV.

As you know, when Benjamin was born, he suffered a severe brain hemorrhage in the right side of his brain. The brain tissue that remains appears to be healthy and functioning well. There is hope that the negative effects from this hemorrhage will be limited. However, this cannot be accurately diagnosed for a couple years. We were told that if we have a positive outlook and give Benjamin every chance to succeed, there is no reason why he shouldn’t live a normal, happy, productive life.

We pray for strength to deal with all the challenges Benjamin has.

Kyle continues to surprise us in new ways all the time. Just this past week he started crawling and is getting into everything already. For example…. One day I left the room for just a minute while Benjamin was being fed. All of a sudden, I heard Benjamin screaming and it wasn’t his normal scream for attention. I went back to check on him and our little monkey was lying on his stomach with Benjamin’s feeding tube in his mouth, sucking on it. I guess he was still hungry. I panicked because I thought he had pulled Benjamin’s G-tube out of his stomach but thankfully that was not the case otherwise Benjamin would have had to go to the hospital.

Kyle is babbling more and more now. Sometimes he doesn’t stop talking (just like his dad).

We’re glad to be home as a whole family and are enjoying our family life together.

Kyle playing on his playmat before bed.

Benjamin getting ready to come home from the hospital:)

Our saturation monitor. His sats before he came home- very good:)

Our big limo!

Some of the nurses who had to say "goodbye" to their favourite little patient.

Opening Christmas presents- Benjamin is more interested in Kyle:) Kyle just wants to eat the paper.

Mom, we're tired after all that hard work getting the wrapping paper off. But thanks:)

Mommy sneaking a cuddle in with Kyle after his night-time feed. He doesn't cuddle during the day so I have to cherish these little cuddles at night.

Home as a family at last:):)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update... What a great family picture you have! Benjamin and Kyle are so cute!! We're glad to hear that your boys are doing well. Kyle sounds like a little monkey :)
You are in our thoughts and prayers,
Love Ruth, Travis, Blair and Wyatt Neels

Betty said...

Great pics, Greta! and great news about benjamin all around. He has the best chance he could get, with you as parents - you do an excellent job with your kids. :)

evelyn van egdom said...

I'm just wiping away my tears of joy, here..... I'm so happy you are all finally home together! I pray for strength as you continue on your amazing journey!


Oh, and I LOVE the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary & Greta!

Glad to hear all is going well and improving daily!! We will continue to pray for all of you and for complete healing in Benjamin!!

Thanks for the pictures!!

Lots of love!

Karen Dykstra (Vriezen)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. Who could ever deny that God exists when we can see those cute miracles in your arms. In thankfulness we pray that all is well and that the hardest part of the jouorney is over and now you can both enjoy your little boys and their fun stages of toddlerhood! With hugs, T.I. Meinen

Fibers&Threads said...

What a truly 'amazing race' you are running with your boys! What a great God we have who is the captain of your team. The pictures bring tears to our eyes. The words of psalter 306 come to mind. Particularly verses 3 &4. On whom but God can we rely...Who condescends to see and know the things of heav'n and earth below. ...His mercy and His might proclaim!
the te Bokkel family in St Thomas, ON

Anonymous said...

wow guys!
i'm so excited! the pictures look awesome - and it's so great to know you guys are home as a family. God bless you guys with the strength and energy and wisdom you need as parents!
Martin & Wieska

Anonymous said...

Wishing Benjamin and Kyle a very happy 1st birthday!!! The M. Pronk Family

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