Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well, it's been a while since I updated so I thought I'd write a few things.

The boys have had their first birthday:) What a great thing to celebrate. They weren't too impressed with the whole celebration. They just wanted to go to bed. LOL

There have been a lot of appointments to go to but they are starting to slow down now. Benjamin's reflux is getting a bit better and he isn't throwing up as much now. Just a few bad days here and there. His oxygen has come down a bit since he's been home and is now at .75- 1L per minute (was at 1-1.5L before). Benjamin is such a little talker now and loves it when his daddy comes home from work.

Kyle is a speed crawler and gets into everything now. He is such a little monkey. He is also standing by things now. If anything is left on the table where he can reach, he's into it.

Well, I don't really know what else to write so here's some pictures:

Kyle- very proud that he's standing up in his crib:)

Kyle all smiles during the day on his birthday

Benjamin all smiles during the day on his birthday

Benjamin & Kyle with Grandma L.

Not so happy about opening presents. Crazy, eh?

We're tired & want to go to bed now, even though it's not even 5 pm yet. Sorry boys, bedtime isn't for an hour yet.

But mom, we're really tired!

playing together

Look what I can do mom:)

Benjamin & Kyle with Grandma K.

Benjamin sharing smiles with Grandma K.

Benjamin- tired while walking at the Vedder River trail

Kyle- what a cutie!

Benjamin having fun

Benjamin- so sweet:)


Robert said...

Hey Gary & Greta,
So awesome to see an updated blog. The boys are adorable...reaching some pretty big milestones again, eh? Wow, it's been amazing to hear the story of the boys' early arrival, the challenges, the blessings, and the joys. Sounds like they're progressing very well. Praise God!
Take care.
Love Robert & Sandra & kids XO

Anonymous said...

Hi Greta! what a miracle your boys are! That picture of them laying on you is priceless! They look so big now! So glad to hear things are going well. Take care! Jen, Mark and the kids... :-)

Anonymous said...

happy to see the update guys. The boys are adorable and big!!

Martin & Wieska said...

thanks for the update! the boys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary and Greta,
It's wonderful to see the smiles and see the boys growing so well. Thanks for the update :) '
Heather from Ontario

Anonymous said...

Hi Greta
How exciting to see an update. You're on my favorites and its been along time. I know how fast it flies by but thanks so much for the update. What progress!! We continue to keep you in our prayers and you are on my mind alot. Continue to give thanks and remember that the God that takes care of even the birds of the air, loves and cares for your family. He knows exactly what you need. Blessings from the Rosebooms

Amy said...

How sweet! I haven't been on your blog in a liong time and I can't beleieve a year has passed already - they seem so big now!