Sunday, December 16, 2007

Benjamin home!!!!:):)

After much paperwork and a few glitches in getting the supplies, Benjamin is home. He came home yesterday afternoon. So far everything has gone well although we do have to get used to getting up 3x in the middle of the night for an hour each time. But we're very happy to have him home after 10 months in the hospital.

We went to Children's last week and they said his clot in his leg was gone so that was great news. One less medication to give him:)

Thank you all for your prayers and all your help.

I'll put some pictures on here later.


Andrea DV said...

So happy for you guys, Gary & Greta, what a blessing to finally have Benjamin home with his brother Kyle!! We're praying for you guys for strength now in taking care of all the boys' needs at home. :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!! God is GREAT! It's been a long 10 months for you guys but all worth it in the end. You have your family together. Thank you Greta and Gary for sharing your story with me. You are strong in the Lord and each other and what a better place to raise two lovely boys than in a warm Christian family. All the best to you both and a blessed Christmas from Ontario. I'm looking forward to those pictures.

Heather ( Lydia and Geralds sister)

Anonymous said...

Christmas at home!! How wonderful!! We are still praying for you all!! Yaaa for Christmas at home!!!

Karen & Kevin Dykstra

Anonymous said...

Its so great to hear that your family will be home together for Christmas, thats the best present ever. Thank you for keeping us posted on how things are going. Take care
Kim Burkett

Robert said...

Dear Gary & Greta,
Awesome, awesome!! So very glad to hear that Benjamin is at home now too AND that you have nursing hours covered with the At Home Program. This has been a very long journey for you and we're so thankful that you can finally be home together all under the same roof. You have been an incredible witness and testimony to God's faithfulness in the middle of trials. Praying His blessing on each of you!
Love Robert & Sandra & kids

Anonymous said...

Just wanting to wish the Kanis Clan a wonderful Christmas at home with the WHOLE family! What a year! God has been so good! May His blessings for you continue in 2008! Marty, Michelle & kidlets Pronk

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you both!
T.I. Meinen

Anonymous said...

Wow...My heart broke for you guys several times for what you had to endure...I have prayed so hard that you would finally get your baby boys home together...I am so glad that you got Christmas together and got to ring in this new year properly with your family...I truly believe He has sent angels to watch over you and your family...I am so happy for you... Prayers for blessings to you and your family always from "the other twin mom"