Thursday, September 20, 2007

We had a little bit of a hard week. Monday we met with the doctor and were told that Benjamin would probably be in the hospital till his first birthday. We kind of knew this in the back of our mind but it was hard when the doctor told us. He is on between 200 & 400 ccs of oxygen and not really going down. They did a chest x-ray last week to check on his lungs and it showed major scarring. The high amount of oxygen he had when he was first born really scarred his lungs. It can take a couple of years for his lungs to heal. Benjamin is also not eating very well. He tends to fight the bottle some days but then other days he gulps it down in no time. We don't really know why this is.
He is a real cutie- smiling lots at mom & dad and just starting to "talk". He loves to snuggle and gets mad if he doesn't like the way we're holding him.

Kyle isn't gaining as much as the doctor would like. He just doesn't want to eat. He is eating rice cereal now and really loves it. He just doesn't want to drink his milk.
Kyle enjoying his cereal for the first time
Mommy & Benjamin


Anonymous said...

Your boys are beautiful!! I'm sorry that Benjamin will be in the hospital for so long, but at least he's well taken care of. I hope for you that the next few months will fly by and Benjamin will be home soon!!

Kristine Bateman

Anonymous said...

Keep your chins up, Gary & Greta, and know that there are lots of us still praying for you and the boys...

Anonymous said...

Its been a while since I posted, but please know I am still thinking about you guys and praying for you...that God will provide you with the encouragment you need as well.

Betty's friend Stef

Janis Van Egdom said...

Hang in there guys! I know it seems like such a long road, but Benjamin will get better. Although it does take a long time for the lungs to heal, take heart in the fact that they do heal! Breathing with his damaged lungs takes a lot of work, and may be why sometimes he doesn't bottle well, he's just too pooped out! The same could be for Kyle too, although I'm not familiar with how he's doing eating wise. With Kyle you could try a high flow nipple and maybe it'd be less work? But again I don't know if that's what's bugging him. I'll keep you in my prayers, remember God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Lean on him and you'll get through this!

Robert said...

Dear Gary & Greta,

We feel so bad for you that Benjamin can't come home yet. It's been a long haul for you guys. You have been an incredible witness and testimony to so many people. Remember that God promises to never leave us or forsake us and that promise is true for you right now, too.
Love & prayers,
Robert & Sandra & family XO

Anonymous said...

He people,
Kyle looks good , He probably already has more hair than you Gary.
We hope Benjamin can join you soon.

Sorry that I that it took so long before you heard something of me.

We will pray for you all!!!!

Roy and the rest of the Feijens

Anonymous said...

Gary & Greta
you have a long week ahead of you and i came across this song. hope it speaks some words of encouragment for you.

Aaron Shust

I was lonely
You came waltzing over to me
And Your eyes they saw right through me
And You heard each one of my cries for help
And You came to rescue me
I was broken
Every prayer that I had spoken
Reached Your ears and all my tears weren’t cried in vain
You carried all my pain
And put me back together again
You watch over me in the darkest valleys
You watch over me when the night seems long
You help me to see the way before me
You watch over me; You watch over me
Always faithful
To be leading, at this moment
Interceding for Your children
Though I’ve wandered astray from Your infinite ways
You’ve never left me alone -[to chorus]
Take this frozen heart; awaken me
Never once have You forsaken me
Even though I walk through this shadow of death
You will guide and defend me
You’ll guard and protect me
Even though I walk through this shadow of death
You will lead me home