Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Update- Finally!!!

Well, I haven’t updated in a while so I thought I’d let you know what is happening with Benjamin and Kyle.

Benjamin is still in Abbotsford hospital with no projected “coming home” date. Since getting transferred to Abbotsford they were able to wean his oxygen from 750 ccs down to 200 ccs again. When he left RCH he was at 200ccs but due to the transfer and new environment he went up to 750 ccs. He is still on 200 ccs of oxygen and the weaning is going very slow. Last week while we were on vacation in Tulameen the doctor tried to wean his oxygen too fast. Now he is having trouble feeding as he got tired out. They had to put an NG (nose tube) back in and he is given ½ hour to try the bottle and then they tube feed the rest. Sometimes he takes the full bottle (he’s getting 90ml every 3 hours) and other times they have to NG a small amount or more than ½ the bottle. We were very disappointed by this, as it seemed like he was doing so well. He seems to be doing better bottling than he did when we first came back from holidays.

He has had to be transferred to Children’s for a day appointment with the eye specialist there, Dr. Garner. She said that everything looks good with his eyes and that the ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) is totally gone. He does have scarring on his left eye and may need glasses later but they can’t check that until October.

Benjamin is smiling lots now and loves going in the swing. The nurses in Abbotsford pediatrics are great. They are nothing like at RCH pediatrics. The doctor has orders for him to be cuddled, have tummy time, and go in the swing. This is much different than at RCH pediatrics where they basically ignored him except for when he was crying and even then just put the soother in his mouth and left. We like it in Abbotsford as it is much closer and we get to see him more. We also love Benjamin’s smiles:)
Benjamin enjoying the swing

No, Mommy & Daddy, I'm not going to give you a full smile. I know you have the camera out! But I'll give you a little smirk cuz I know you're waiting and I think this is funny.

Holding Mommy's hand while bottling.

So this is what he looks like without the prongs. The nurse had to change the nose prongs while we were there so we quickly snuck a picture without them on. He can go about a minute without desatting so we got a few pictures.

One of my favourite pictures. I just love the expression on his face.

Kyle had his six-month shots today. He is a little bit cranky tonight but has finally fallen asleep. He wouldn’t take much of his bottle after the shots so I decided to try cup feed him. It thought that I was pretty funny and started smiling lots at me. I did manage to get him to eat more by cup feeding although he did spill some. But it worked out okay so I’m glad I tried it. We also tried to spoon-feed him the milk earlier as he wasn’t taking the bottle then either. He kept falling asleep from the shots and Tylenol. But new things really grab his attention and it worked well.

Kyle had his first vacation last week and really enjoyed all the attention. He loved it when his cousins sat down with him on his playmat and talked to him. His cousins sure got lots of smiles from him, which they were very excited about. But now Kyle is glad to be home and back to his routine. But it will probably get messed up again this weekend as we are going to a wedding in Kelowna.
Kyle has started to “talk” a bit. The first time he “talked” it was so funny since it scarred him. But now he loves to have a “conversation” with mom & dad. It is so cute!
Help, Dad, my cousin Jacob is trying to get my sock off. Daddy, you won't help, you just think it's funny. (Jacob did manage to get it off too).
My cousin Joshua talking to me. I love to smile for him when he talks to me cuz I really like the attention.
I like vacations cuz everyone cuddles me and talks to me. Auntie Evelyn sure knows how to cuddle and Levi is good at talking to me.
Mommy reading her book while cuddling with me. I like sleeping on mom.
Hmmm, to go to the beach or not to go to the beach, that is the question.

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Robert said...

Dear Gary & Greta,

Your boys look so great! Thanks for still updating us..we enjoy reading about their progress. So glad to hear that you're comfortable with the nursing care he's getting in Abbotsford. I bet you missed Benjamin while you were on vacation. Take care and know that you and your little guys are still in our prayers!
Love Robert & Sandra & family
P.S. We'd love to come sometime to give you the gift we bought for Benjamin and Kyle...we'll call