Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday, June 3

Well, a lot has happened this past week.

Benjamin is on 200-300 ccs of low flow. Way to go Benjamin! He is doing really well on this and has been on it since Tuesday. He has bottled about 4 times now and is doing really good- taking about ¼ - ½ his feed by bottle. He has tried breastfeeding now but gets very frustrated. Hopefully soon he’ll get the hang of that. They are getting bigger and bigger. Benjamin is now 5 lbs. Benjamin got his eyes checked on Friday. I was actually there this time when they did it. I didn’t look because they put a clamp on their eyes to keep them open and I’ve been told that looks gross. However, I did hear him screaming and that was bad enough. The doctor said that he doesn’t need laser surgery again at this point but he wants to check it in a week again because it hasn’t improved significantly.

Kyle is breathing on his own again and doing excellent. He was cranky that beginning part of the week until they figured out that he was always hungry. They upped his feedings to every 4 hours with more being given so that he stays fuller longer. They have predicted that he could come home in 2 weeks. However, they said that 2 weeks ago. But it seems like it could happen. All he has to do is take all his feeds by breast or bottle for 48 hours. He has been taking alternate feeds, and even sometimes 3 times in a row. He still gets tired though. He is now 5 ½ lbs. What a big boy!


Robert said...

Wow...Gary & Greta - this progress update is wonderful! Sounds like the boys are continuing to grow and develop in remarkable ways. What a blessing and what an answer to many prayers. We pray that God will continue to strengthen each of you and provide for your every need - Gary & Greta for the commitment to go see your boys as often as you can and for Benjamin & Kyle to keep growing and learning to feed so that they can go home. Hang in there and take care knowing that our love and prayers are still with you.
Love Robert & Sandra, Jeremy, Matt, & Katie

Evelyn van Egdom said...

Awesome!! This is such great news! I'm so thankful to hear about the progress they've been making - what a week!


Betty Hansma said...

Wow! Your boys are going to catch up to mine before we know it! Sounds like they're doing great. God is so good and has worked so wonderfully thru Benjamin and Kyle!

I'm especially impressed with how hard Benjamin seems to be working to catch Kyle. They must be discussing the fact that Kyle'll be going home first and he doesn't like it. ;)

Owen's Mama said...

Wow - we're praying for you guys!