Sunday, May 27, 2007

Surgery Over For Now

Hi everyone. Well, both boys have had their laser eye surgery now.

Kyle had a hard time with his surgery. His ventilator leaked and he had to be reintubated. Then he needed more drugs. He had a hard time after the surgery waking up. He woke up but then started having bad apneas (forgetting to breathe). He had it throughout the night and turned color a couple of times. They had to put him on CPAP. When we went today, he was on high flow with his oxygen on room air. He seems to be way less groggy but is still sleepy. He is not having any more apnea spells so that is good.

Benjamin didn't really have any trouble with the surgery or drugs. He woke up after surgery and started puking. He then fell asleep after a little while. He was put back on high flow with his oxygen at 35-40% oxygen. This is better than it was before surgery. Seems like we worried about the wrong boy as we were more worried about Benjamin going up on his oxygen requirements.

The boys may need more laser eye surgery. We will find out at the end of this week when the eye doctor checks their eyes.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the report. You're all still in our prayers.

~Martin & Wieska

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that things went smoothly for the most part.
Hugs and kisses to the boys.
Kim Burkett

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray the boys are healing well now. Your in my prayers for thier recovery and the next steps. Stef