Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday, June 5- more surgery today!

Unexpected news… Benjamin is going for surgery today. Yesterday Dr. Lam (he ophthalmologist) check Benjamin & Kyle’s eyes. He told us that Benjamin’s left eye is started to detach from the retina because of fluid in the blood vessels. He told us that we have two choices- either he tries a procedure done on adults where he puts a needle in the eye and inserts a couple drops of evaston or Benjamin will have to go for a vitrectomy this weekend. We decided to go with the procedure even though it hasn’t been done on preemies that often. He said there aren’t many risks involved- just the putting of the needle in the eye. However, there are more risks involved in a vitrectomy and they’re not even sure that it will work. This procedure that he is getting done today- he’s not sure if it will work either but it is less invasive than the surgery. I sure hope it works. Our little Benjamin has been through a lot in his life already. Please, everyone, pray that this procedure will work.


Betty Hansma said...

We're praying for Benjamin.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying as well. Blessings...Stef

Anonymous said...

We too, will be praying for Benjamin but also yourselves as you go through this with him.
Leanne, Steve and kids

Anonymous said...

You can count on my prayers too.

Anonymous said...

We're also praying for your little family. Love ya.
Bert, Deb & kids

Anonymous said...

Just read the blog. Praying that all goes/went well. Also praying for you both as well.

Lydia, Gerald and girls

tim & alice said...

Benjamin (and Kyle too!) are always in our thoughts and prayers-also you, Gary & Greta for strength everyday for all the expected & unexpected

lotsa love sent your way!
alice & tim