Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blender/ Food Processor Recommendation Requested

Hi Everyone,

I've been looking at buying a blender/ food processor but don't really know a good kind. I want to be able to make the boys' baby food when they're a bit older. That way the equipment will pay for itself in the long run. The blender- I want enough power to be able to make smoothies (yum, yum). I don't really want the unit to be too noisy that it will scare the boys. Can anyone recommend a good one to get?

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Anonymous said...

Hi! So glad to read that your boys are doing so good!! Like everyone else, I've been keeping up, and am amazed not only how well these two little gaffers have done, but also amazed at your strength!! Congrats on everything so far! :)
As for the food sister Trish and I both love the hand blender by BRAUN, which is about $30.00. It is soooo handy because you don't have to get any other bowls/blender jugs etc dirty, before scooping the blended food into a new bowl. You can just put the food in what ever container you're using, blend away and only have this one little detachable thing to stick in the dishwasher. Easy. It may even make you a shake - I've never tried great for whipping up spreads and dips too. If you want fast and easy (with two babies (DV) at home soon, that's probably a priority! :) ), it's the way to go.
All the best with everything!! Your boys are adorable!!
Take care, Kristy Klaassen

Anonymous said...

Yep, Kristy Klaassen has it right. The hand blender by Braun is what I use as well. You can easily control how blended you actually want the food to be, especially when the boys get older. I don't know if I would use it to make smoothies, though. I have a feeling you might be scraping stuff off the ceiling. Congrats with Kyle coming home. He looks awesome! So glad that Benjamin is doing well, too! Pretty soon you'll all be home as a family!

Michelle Pronk

Anonymous said...

Greta, I also used the hand blender by Braun. I've made smoothies with mine and it works great. I just noticed that whatever you blend has to a bit soft otherwise the blender labours too much and possibly burns out.
Anyways, it's great to hear that Kyle is at home and that Benjamin is recovering nicely from his surgery.
God bless
Christine Vroom

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary, Greta and boys,

Congratulations on Kyle's homecoming and the good outcome of Benjamin's surgery! God is so good! You've been through alot together and we've appreciated being able to read about it each step of the way. Thanks so much for the updates, we check the blog daily! We hope and pray that Benjamin may soon come home too!

Love John and Jacquelien Wubs and family

p.s. thanks for all the photos you've posted. The kids also love looking at them. Your boys are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
All I can say is WOW!! I'm so glad to hear things are going so well. It looks great to see pictures of Kyle at home! And I'm glad to hear that Benjamin is doing well too. We'll keep praying for you guys.
~Martin & Wieska

Anonymous said...

I am glad the boys are doing well. Kyle probably cried for 5 hrs because he misses his brother.
As far as the blender goes, I'm not much of a pro, but maybe you could rent one of those branch chippers from EZE rent it and we could have a community event. I'll bring the cabbage and somebody else can bring corn and another carrots and we'll just process a few yards of the stuff. When were all done, everybody who helped out could throw some strawberries and ice in the chipper and we could end the day off with a nice cold smoothie.

God bless you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love the "bamix" all-purpose wand mixer. I've had several blenders and braun mixers burn out but not this one. You can mix pretty much anything with it. It is a bit costly but well worth it - $199. It makes great smoothies, milk shakes, ice caps, etc.!! You can purchase it through
Ocean Sales Ltd.
Phone: 1-800-668-1966
Hope this helps you out.
Praying for all of you that God will continue to strengthen and help you through all that lies ahead as He has been so faithful and good to you so far.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the boys are doing so well. Thanks for all the updates!