Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Both boys doing good

Benjamin is doing good. We got the results from the head ultrasound that they did on Tuesday. It shows that the hydrocephalus (too much fluid in the one ventricle) is resolving. The surgery will not make it resolve overnight. However, they wanted to make sure that the surgery is helping Benjamin; otherwise, they'd have to put a shunt in. He is now down to 500 ccs of oxygen. He is bottling well although the nurses at Children's don't push him to finish enough and then say he's not taking his feeds properly. He just needs a little extra motivation. He is looking cute as ever. I've forgotten to take my camera the last little while but I put it in the diaper bag for tomorrow. I've only been able to get to the hospital every other day as otherwise it is too much for Kyle.

Kyle is doing good as well. Today he actually slept very well. He usually doesn't sleep during the day but maybe the heat tired him out. He is very fussy lately and I think he misses his brother. Last night he actually slept for five hours straight (who thought I'd look forward to getting 5 hours uninterrupted sleep?). He loves the swing and likes to be held. He is very strong and loves to do push ups on Daddy's chest. He's getting very chubby cheeks.

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