Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update & Some Pictures

Benjamin is doing very well. He is off the ventilator now. (He was on it for the surgery). He is now on high flow with the hopes of going to low flow later today. Yesterday Alice & I went to the hospital to see him and he looked awesome. He was trying to pull the ventilator out already but I told him to wait until a RT (respitory therapist) was around. The RT came by a bit later and took it out. He had one scary moment but that passed and he remembered that he had to breathe himself. As soon as he was stable I asked the nurse if I could have a cuddle with him. As soon as I said that Benjamin started wiggling and getting excited. The nurse looked at him and started laughing. She said, "I think he wants the cuddle as much as you do. Of course you can cuddle him." Well, after 3 days of not holding him it was great to snuggle him again. The doctor said he could have half a feed and asked if I wanted to bottle him. I did, and he did better than he's ever done. I think now that the pressure in his head is gone, he'll do better with everything. It was great to see him looking good since the night before he had the shakes. The doctor didn't really know what it was from and didn't seem too concerned about it. However, it was really scary to watch since he had never done that before. But it was great to go there and snuggle him. A big thanks to Alice for taking Kyle out of the NICU and feeding him and then taking care of him so I could spend some quality time with Benjamin. I almost cried because I appreciated that so much. It's hard to spend time with Benjamin some times when I also have to take care of Kyle while going there so it was great to have an extra pair of hands. I just thought of another funny thing that happened- Kyle started crying so Alice picked him up and another nurse came and didn't really know who the mom was. She asked and I said it was me. She said that she didn't really know since Alice looked so confident holding Kyle. So you can really tell that Alice is so great with babies.

Kyle is doing good at home. Last night he cried for four hours while Gary was gone and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was really frustrating. I tried changing his diaper, feeding him, holding him, putting him to bed but nothing seemed to work. Gary came home and thought that he looked hungry so he fed him another bottle (he had already had 140 mls- normal is 80). He took it great but then Gary walked with him to get something and he puked all over the floor (lots- eww gross). He still kept screaming and we put him in bed with us for a bit and finally just put him in his own bed. We really weren't sure what to do. He finally fell asleep and then woke up at his regular time to eat. We still haven't figured out what was wrong but at least he calmed down. He seems a bit better today although he does whine in his crib sometimes. But I just leave him and he falls back asleep. Otherwise I'd be holding him all day and he'd never settle. Hopefully he doesn't do the same thing tonight since we have to go to Dr. Lam at 7am in New Westminster. Otherwise he'll scream the whole way there.

Well, here are some pictures.

Benjamin after the MRI on Saturday. They had to put him on the ventilator for it since he has to lay perfectly still and they had to sedate him. He was cold so the nurse put all the warm towels around him and gave him a pair of shades for the light. It looks like he's a cool dude with his shades and cigar.

Kyle after his carseat test- ready to go home!!!:) He is wearing his going home outfit from Auntie Evelyn, Uncle Glenn, Joshua, and Levi.

Daddy rocking Kyle at home.

Some cute pictures I took of him the other day.

Kyle's first outing- to Grandma & Grandpa Kanis for Sunday lunch.


Anonymous said...

O everything is so exciting to hear! What cute pictures. They are both so handsome. It looks so amazing to see Kyle in his car seat and at home. It is also so great to hear that Benjamin is doing so good. Do they have any expectant time they think he might as well get to go home. John Sheena and Dominick.

Anonymous said...

I agree!! That is all so exciting and wonderful!! It is very nice to see Kyle in that car seat all secure and ready to go home!! We are super happy for you!! How much do they weigh these days??

Lots of love!!

Kevin and Karen Dykstra (Vriezen)

Robert said...

Dear Gary & Greta,

Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures! It's amazing to see how much the boys have grown since birth. It's so neat to see Kyle in his carseat...what a little man!God is good. Take care.

Love & Prayers,
Robert & Sandra & family
P.S. the deleted comment on the "surgery is over" page was mine...for some reason my entry was submitted twice so I just got rid of one. Just thought I'd clarify that in case you were wondering why someone would take a message away:>) SS

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! God is so amazing! Stef

Deva said...

Well said.