Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday, May 2

Benjamin is still on CPAP! They put him on it yesterday. He had to switch to trigger assist CPAP last night because his gases were high but it is still a step in the right direction. He was very calm today, sleeping most of the time. At the end, he was wide-awake just looking around. I heard him cry for the first time today- so cute. I could hardly hear him it was so soft. They are taking his gases daily and his PCO2 has to be good for him to stay on CPAP. PCO2 is the carbon dioxide in his blood. He seems much calmer than when he tried it the last time so I think he’ll be able to stay on it now.

Kyle was a little monkey today. He has been trying to crawl out of his isolette lately. The other day he wiggled his way to the front of the isolette and then started going sideways by the portholes. I think he’s trying to find Benjamin. Only 200-300 more grams and then they can go together in a crib:) Today he took 5 ml while nursing. This is the first time he’s actually showed something while being test weighed. I was excited. He is now feeding every 3 hours (q3) so he can have a bottle or nurse every other feeding. I told them not to rush it if he is tired as this can make him regress.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gary, Greta, Kyle & Benjamin,
I check your blocks daily (sometimes several times a day) and love hearing about the progress your boys are making! They are so adorable and obviously they're fighters. You and Gary are great parents. We wish you all strength for each day.
Trish Anker (& Dave, Jasey & Jevin)

Kaelen's Mama said...

Wow what an amazing gift you and your boys have in being able to breastfeed! It's such a special time between Mom and Child.

Anonymous said...

Today was a wonderful day for me meeting Benjamin and Kyle. They are adorable. God works in miraculous ways. I pray for continued strength and courage Greta and Gary.
Love Aunt Martha

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary & Greta:
Thanks for taking the daily time to keep us updated on the progress of your dear little boys. This enables us to walk through this experience with you and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Gerrit & Connie

Anonymous said...

Gary and Greta

Your boys are beautiful. I pray for all of you every day. It is so wonderful to hear that Benjamin is on CPAP (I work in the ICU with adult patients who are on ventilators so if you ever have any questions let me know although I am sure that the nurses in the NICU are answer all of your questions. They are wonderful in there.) May you feel God's love surround you.
Stephanie Mosa (and Keira too!)