Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday, April 30

Benjamin was doing good today. He is down to 33 breaths per minute and his gases are still stable. They are going to try him on CPAP on Wednesday if all goes well. He was wide-awake most of the time I was there today. He kept trying to move. I think he misses his froggy bean bag; he peed all over it yesterday so it is in the hospital laundry right now. He loves to suck on his soother. I also had to hum “You are my Sunshine” to him and then he calmed down. However, when I stopped he woke up again. I guess he likes being hummed to. He still weighs 1490 grams.

Kyle nicely slept when I was holding him. Then he started desatting because he had his tongue on the roof of his mouth. I tried to get him to move it but he is a stubborn little guy. He gets that from his Daddy of course. Finally, he moved it and then started satting good. He went back in his isolette after an hour and slept most of the time after that. He woke up when I came back from spending time with Benjamin. He started lifting his whole body off the mattress. He also pushed himself up to the front of the isolette. He is now up to 1545 grams.

As to when they are to come home- we don't really know right now. They still have a long way to go but we expect them the beginning or middle of June.

Also, here are the videos as promised. This is especially for our cousin Joshua as he likes to watch the old videos. Joshua, here are some updated ones for you. We can't wait until we're old enough that you can teach us to play hockey.




Kaelen's Mama said...

Hey Greta & Gary,

Thanks for the videos! They are so adorable. I can't wait to meet them some day. These little guys are you guys are just amazing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily!

Betty Hansma said...

Josh is right: video is better. :) Thanks.

We're excited to see how Benjamin does over the next few days and whether he can switch over to CPAP.

It's encouraging to continue to see improvement, isn't it? The wait for them to come home seems to be harder to take as time goes by. I guess we should pray for extra patience for you because if it's this hard for me to wait, it must be really hard for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Greta and Gary
Thanks so much for the videos, i am following your blogs everyday and it was so nice to see them moving around.
You must be getting excited, the day is coming soon when you can take them home and be with them all the time. I am very happy for you to see things turn out as they have, you two have had a long road and you've covered most of it. The best is still to come guys!
Take Care and please please keep up the pics and blogs.
Take Care
Kim Burkett

Alice said...

Gary & Greta
.....soooooooo cute!

thanks for posting the video's. your boys are adorable!

love alice