Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday, May 6

Benjamin is still on the trigger assist CPAP and doing well. I got to hold him yesterday and Gary got to hold him today. He is looking bigger now. He is up to 3lbs, 8 oz. Pretty big guy considering he started off at 1lb, 7 oz. On Friday, he got so mad during the night that he hit his old lead burn so hard the skin opened. They are worried about an infection so they did a blood culture and the results came back okay. I told him he’s going to have to take anger management courses if he doesn’t settle down.

Kyle is still crawling up and down his isolette. If it’s not one way, it’s the other. Daddy gave him a bottle last night and he took it no problem. I nursed him today and he did good. They didn’t test weigh him so I’m not sure how much he got but he’s actually not refusing to breast feed again. He is now up to 3lbs, 12 oz. He seems big to me now and is actually getting some fat on his body. He’s still holding on to the 2ccs of low flow but that is all right. He just wants to take his time.

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Kaelen's Mama said...

Hi Greta & Gary

Glad to hear that the boys are growing so well. A good friend of mine had a 1 lb 8 oz little girl today she is 26 weeks gestation. I'm sure if you have any time she'd love to hear about what you guys have been through. If you don't mind I'll give her your blog address.