Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday, May 10

Well, I’m finally getting around to updating you all. It’s been both a bad and a good week. The week started out a little rough as another little one in the nursery passed away. It was very hard for me. But things got better.

Yesterday Benjamin got switched to regular CPAP. He is doing very well on it. He was wide-awake yesterday for a lot of the time I was there. He got switched to feeding every 3 hours now. He weighs 1630 grams. He’s just about ready to go in a crib (1800 grams).

Kyle had a very exciting day yesterday. He came out of his isolette and has graduated to a crib. He actually wasn’t 1800 grams yet but the doctor said he could go in a crib. I think they wanted to snag the last crib so that the boys could go together in a bit:) He looks so tiny in a crib all bundled under a lot of blankets. He was a bit cool so they had a lot of blankets on him until he can regulate his own temperature. He was so tired from the move and slept a lot of the day.
I got to hold Benjamin and Kyle at the same time yesterday. The nurse positioned them on a nursing pillow. She put them on there a bit apart and Benjamin just wiggled his way so he was almost on top of his brother. Kyle was asleep and Benjamin was wide-awake. Benjamin kept moving his head and hitting his brother with the CPAP. He was trying to say “Wake up, brother. I’m here now. Come on, wake up.” It was so cute to watch. Kyle just kept on sleeping. Finally Benjamin gave up and went to sleep himself.

Kyle's new home. I still have to make it look more homey by bringing a mobile to put on the crib.

Kyle under all his blankets.

The boys- Benjamin & Kyle


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary & Greta,

Your boys look so good! Praise God! I'm so glad to get an update from you again. It's exciting to see them get bigger and stronger. We continue to pray for you all - for the boys to continue to grow and for the strength you need everyday to go through this with them.

~Martin & Wieska

Anonymous said...

lieve Greta en Gary
wij zijn erg dank baar dat het de goede kant op gaat met jullie lieve jonges
wat is de Heere toch goed, het is goed om dicht bij Hem te zijn
heel veel liefs uit holland

kusjes voor jullie allen
joop en jennie

Betty Hansma said...

Wow, you guys! These pics are so exciting, and so is your news!

Benjamin and Kyle are such strong little fighters and they just keep progressing! I'm just so excited!!! Yay!

We won't stop praying - I was gonna say 'until they're home' but we'll still pray then, especially for you as parents - then I wasn't sure when we should stop praying as kids continue to give you opportunities to learn patience for the rest of your lives (at least for the first 5 years from experience)! ;)

Anonymous said...

I like Kyle and Benjamin and you are my aunt and uncle and I like that because that's nice and I like your babies because they are SO CUTE and I like the pictures from them. I like that they're growing and I want to see them and that'd be fun. And that they're coming home pretty soon - I like that! I like them, and so do Jeremy and Khaylen and Jacob.
Love Ana

Anonymous said...

My prayers continue....I am sorry to hear about the little one in the nursery, I will pray for his/her family as well. I am excited for you at your boys' new progress! Stef

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Greta -- what beautiful, strong boys!! Enjoy your first mother's day, next year will be so different (and much busier!!).

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Greta! From the Pronk family

Anonymous said...

Happy belated mothers day Greta!!! I hope you had a wonderful day with your boys!!

Lots of Love,

Karen Vriezen

Anonymous said...

Happy mothers day Greta! Hope you had a great day. Your boys are so adorable. They look so handsome. I cant believe how much they have grown. I love all the updates and pictures you put on the blog. They really make me excited to look at them every day and see whats new or whats going on. Thank you so much for all your work you have done to keep us updated. We love you guys and the boys so much and are so happy to see things going so well.
John,Sheena, and Dominick.