Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday, May 15

Well, I thought I’d update you as to what’s been going on the past couple days.

Last week Thursday Benjamin graduated to a crib and is enjoying his time with Kyle. They snuggle real close to each other and Kyle usually puts his hand on Benjamin. I’ve seen Kyle wrap his arm around Benjamin when he is crying. It is really cute. Benjamin also got put back on trigger assist CPAP over the weekend. On Sunday Benjamin got a bath in a small little bucket. It was so cute. However, he wasn’t very happy because he was really hungry and just wanted to eat! He is now up to 1710 grams or 3 lbs, 12 oz. He is getting cuter and cuter by the day. He loves to suck on his soother and the nurses say he actually has a stronger suck than Kyle. It will be nice once Benjamin can breastfeed and bottlefeed.

Kyle is getting to be a big boy now. You probably wouldn’t think so but compared to when they were born he is. He’s now just over 4 lbs. On Sunday, he went off oxygen for 24 hours. He went back on yesterday morning but kept pulling the prongs out so they were out half the time yesterday. Sunday he also got a bath in a big tub- he enjoyed it until Robert took him out of the water to wash his back. Then he did not like that. He was sure tired after that bath and just snuggled with mom and went to sleep. Last Thursday Grandma Hansma got to hold Kyle for the first time. He smiled for her and was wide-awake. I think this make her year- especially since she found out Robert ”accidentally” let Auntie Alice hold Kyle a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday Grandma Kanis got to hold Kyle for the first time. However, he was tired from breastfeeding and wanted to go back to bed after a little bit. Oh, well, next time she can hold him for longer. Robert also said that Kyle could be coming home in 2 weeks so we are really busy trying to get the room ready between me going to the hospital and Gary working. It’s just about done and then I can set it up.

Auntie Ali with Kyle when Robert "accidentally" dropped him into Auntie Ali's hands. Yes, Alice the secret was out so I figured I might as well put the picture on the blog.

Kyle & Benjamin's new bed. They just love it.

Grandma H. with Kyle.

Kyle with his eyes closed- just pretending to be sleeping but very content.

Grandma K. with Kyle

Benjamin during his bath- he was not very happy at all.

Kyle just loving his first big bath.

Kyle after his bath with nothing on his face.


Robert said...

Dear Gary & Greta,

What wonderful news! This is so exciting. Your boys have made unbelievable progress since their very early and very small start! Your comments about the boys' response to being together in their crib are priceless. You know that many, many people have been praying for you and you have also been an incredible testimony to others as you've shared this journey so faithfully. May God continue to strengthen you, especially as you now anticipate taking Kyle home! Love and Prayers from Robert & Sandra, Jeremy, Matt, & Katie

Owen's Mama said...

Yay! I am so happy to hear the boys get to come home soon. It seems like they have been in the Hospital forever.

And they are starting to look so big now too. Way to go guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures with us, Greta. Those boys are SO cute and are really starting to look like their Dad :) (Hmm, is that saying Gary is SO cute... let me amend that, the baby version is so cute :) sorry, Gary!) They are growing so quickly now, they look grown up. Kyle looks so knowledgeable and wise in that picture of him in the bath.
We pray you will keep being blessed with new strength for everything you face each day. Love, Leanne, Steve, Leah and Sam

Anonymous said...

Wow, they seem so grown up now. Everything is looking really positive for you guys! Love the pics, please keep them coming.
Kim Burkett

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new milestones! Exciting! Stef

Anonymous said...

Your boys are beautiful and your blog is very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Dear Greta and Gary,

We are so happy for you both that your boys are doing well.
Reading these blog's that you put up are such a blessing.
Taddaeus and Dominik say hello...(atleast in baby talk) and can't wait to be able to play with Kyle and Benjamin when they are big enough.
I am just so ovewhelmed with joy that your boys are growing and feeding well and just are getting so healthy. God is really Awesome and Good!
God Bless you and your little ones. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Love your Cousins,
Tabitha,Dennis, Taddaeus and Dominik ;-)

Ps. This really doesn't even express nearly enough of the emotion of gladness I feel when I read your blog's or hear how well they are doing.... God Bless You and Keep You.

tim and inge said...

Rejoicing with you both! What a mighty God we serve!

Anonymous said...

Dank aan de Heere,wat een prachtige foto's van jullie jongens.
EN wat heerlijk, dat grote nieuws dat ze naar huis mogen.en dat jullie zo druk zijn, om alles voor elkaar tekrijgen, zo dat jullie jongens een goed thuis zullen hebben.(dat is wel zeker)
veel liefs uit holland.

joop en jennie feijen

Anonymous said...

Our God is an awesome God~!
Heather from Ontario