Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday, April 25

Today it was very noisy in both pods. It reminded me of the day I first came in the nursery and was overwhelmed. I was holding Kyle but he kept desatting because of the noise. So, we put an earmuff on him. But it didn’t really help. I finally put him back in his isolette where the noise is blocked a little bit more. It did get quieter later in the day. Kyle keeps trying to breath on his own. He is only on 1 cc of oxygen per minute. He just can’t let go of that little bit. He does fine for an hour and then starts desatting again. He just keeps trying and trying.

Benjamin slept most of the day. He really loves his soothie. The nurse had put it in his mouth but when he fell asleep he grabbed it and put it right in front of his eyes. I guess that way if he wakes up he’ll know where it is. He was sleeping so peacefully so I just left it there. He is starting to be a whole lot calmer and sleep a whole lot more so that is great.


tim and inge meinen said...

Thankyou so very much for keeping us up to date. Wow the boys are doing so well. It's a good thing our Heavenly Father continues to uphold us through everything, we give thanks to Him for taking care of your little family. sending our love and continued encouragement as the weeks progress.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary and Greta,
I'm Lydia's sister.
It is wonderful to see your beautiful boys growing stronger every day. God is good~!
I love all the pictures you post. They look so big already but when I see you "cuddling" them then they look so tiny. It is neat that they can visit once in a while. Thank you for keeping us up to date on their progress. I love checking in each night to read your news! May God continue to strengthen you all.
Heather from Ontario

Robert said...

Dear Gary & Greta,
Thanks once again for the updates. The pictures of your boys get cuter every time! It's so nice to see them spending time together. May God continue to uphold and strengthen all four of you as this journey continues.

Love Robert & Sandra, Jeremy, Matt, & Katie