Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tuesday, April 24

Today Benjamin slept a lot. He was also wide-awake at times and just looking around. He got to visit with Kyle today. Robert put them both in Benjamin’s isolette for about a ½ hour. They both loved it. Benjamin started satting at 99% and then when they took Kyle out he went down to 80%. He really needs his brother’s touch once in a while. He was quite tired from the visit so he slept the rest of the day.

Kyle got breastfed and bottle-fed today. Robert really wanted to give him a bottle so I let him. It was so cute. Robert then stuck Kyle’s face right by Benjamin’s isolette to say “hi” before he put him in there. Kyle really starts to wake up and cry before feeds, which is a really good thing. It’s so cute to hear him cry- such a small little voice. He does have an infection but it has not gone to the blood; it is just localized at the incision site. He will be on antibiotics until Friday.

Robert put Kyle to the window for a peek to say "hi" before they had time together.

Kyle & Benjamin together- guess who's who

Mommy "holding" both at once for 1st time.

Robert bottle-feeding Kyle. What a little oinker- he gobbled it down in 10 minutes and usually it takes preemies 20 - 30 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Your boys are so adorable! Very cute what you said about Kyle "pigging" down his bottle! It is so cool to hear them doing "quirky" baby things, just like any other babies! They sure show personality already. Blessings and continued prayers, also thanks for the new updates,

Stef :)