Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday, April 29

Benjamin was doing very good today. His breaths per minute is set at 36. Once he is down to 25-30 he can try CPAP again. Daddy got to hold Benjamin and said that he was looking at him for a while and then fell asleep. He loves to suck on his ventilator. He got mad just before his feed and started squirming. He now weighs 1490.

Kyle was awake for the first little bit just looking up at me while I was holding him. He makes all these cute sounds now. Then he fell asleep. I held him for about an hour and then put him back in his isolette. He is still on 2 ccs of oxygen. He fluctuates between .5 ccs and 4 ccs. He just won’t give up that little bit. He weighs 1495 grams.

Videos will be posted tonight so check back later:)

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Michelle Pronk said...

I've gotten so used to checking your blog every day...I haven't been hearing as much from you these days...but that appears to be a good thing! The boys sound like they're doing so well. I guess the count down to bring them home starts tomorrow?!