Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17

Benjamin got re-intubated today. He was working too hard on the CPAP and was getting tired. They aren’t sure if he has an infection or if he was just tired from the CPAP. They put him on antibiotics just in case. They did a CBC (blood culture) and should get the results back within 48 hours. He was very active so I don’t think he has an infection. He was trying to pull out the ventilator again. I suspect he’ll have it out by next week. The nurses really have to keep a good eye on him.

Kyle was sleeping most of the time. I gave him a sponge bath inside the isolette and he enjoyed that. He then got to cuddle skin to skin with mom and try breastfeeding. He got tired too fast so got his feed through the NG again. Try again next time, I guess. He is only almost 34 weeks so he’s not going to get it right away.


Anonymous said...

lieve Greta en Gary
wij leven met jullie mee, met jullie lieve jongens en bidden elke dag voor ze en dat jullie de kracht mogen ervaren van onze God,
we zouden jullie graag in onze armen willen sluiten en willen knuffelen
heel veel liefs uit holland
joop en jennie feijen

Anonymous said...

Another message from Holland

We have been reading along almost daily and are amazed everytime!

Joyce & Jacco Riemens

Robert said...

Dear Gary, Greta, Benjamin & Kyle,

It is amazing and wonderful to read about the boys' progress! What a precious thing that you've been able to try breastfeeding Kyle, Greta. You are an amazing mom! Thanks for sharing the milestones, the successes, the concerns, and the answers to so many prayers. The picture of Benjamin smiling the other day was such a touching thing...he just looked so happy even with all that paraphernalia around his head! What a cutie. I think the pictures of the boys together are so special. Being married to a twin, I know how important being together is for them and I am so thankful that Benjamin & Kyle have had some bonding time. We keep you in our prayers every day. God Bless.

Love Robert & Sandra & Kids

gerry and joan goosen said...

Thanks for the continual updates on your boys Gary and Greta. It's wonderful to see their progress. We thank God together with you for the blessings He continues to daily show to you and the boys. The pictures are beautiful -- that precious baby smile brought tears to my eyes (Joan)!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go on from day to day!
Gerry and Joan Goosen