Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday, April 16

Lots to tell today. Yesterday Benjamin & Kyle were 2 months old. It’s hard to believe that 2 months has flown by already. It seems like just yesterday that we had the boys.

Yesterday Benjamin decided to pull out his ventilator. The nurse and the doctor were talking right by him when he started ringing. Robert was standing close and noticed Benjamin was having a Brady (heart rate below 100). He looked over at him and Benjamin had pulled out his ventilator. So they decided to try him on CPAP. At first he kept trying to get the mask off but has gotten used to it now. I got to hold him yesterday and today as well. They were supposed to immunize Benjamin today but decided to hold off until he’s more used to CPAP. Benjamin’s head ultrasound came back today and showed that his bleeding in the brain has not gotten worse. It is slowly resolving, as it should be. They weighed Benjamin while I was there and he weighed 1295 grams.

Yesterday Robert (the nurse) fed Kyle for the first time by bottle. He did very well although he didn’t remember to breathe at the beginning. Robert just took the bottle out and he recovered on his own. Kyle then decided he’d better slow down on drinking the milk. Today I got to try breast-feeding Kyle. He got tired after a little bit so they gavage fed him (through his NG in the nose) while I did skin to skin. Kyle also got his 2-month immunization today. He cried through it all and Robert said that he was sure that he did not like him and was yelling at him. Kyle weighs 1245 grams now.

Here are some pictures of the boys. They have sure grown.

Benjamin while being held by Mommy. He sure looks cute smiling now!

Benjamin on CPAP. Notice the purple soothie which he really loves.

Kyle just hanging out.

Kyle loves to cross his little feet.

And here are the pictures of Kyle & Benjamin together that Robert took.


Sabrina said...

Greta your boys are so cute and precious, I am so happy that you they are doing so well, I check your blog every day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary and Greta:

Wow, 2 months already and almost 3 lbs. It sure is hard to believe and yet what a wonderful miracle to see them have come so far and so well.

So Benjamin is up to his tricks again. I'm sure that he is jealous of Kyle and wants to join him in his new pod. Figured this was the only way to get there I guess. Sure great to hear about his ultrasound. Again we can say "God is so Good". How great to hear that you are finally able to try to breast feed Kyle.

Thanks again for the pictures. What a beautiful smile from Benjamin. What precious memories for you and for them years from now.

Looking at the picture of them together I'm wondering if they were possibly thinking of all the trouble that they can get in together in the future.

Thanks again for keeping this blog up.

Love Lydia

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary and Greta,

How absolutely darling and precious your two little ones are! That picture of smiling Benjamin... my heart went crunch! And Kyle looks like such a little man there laying on his back, hat and "clothes" on with his knees tucked up.

I think the most special news to read tonight was that you got to try breast feeding Kyle. What a precious time that must have been even though it's such a hard thing to actually figure out!

Delighted that you got to hold Benjamin as well. I'm sure he delights in those hugs!

There's so much we are so excited to read about, Kyle learning all these big boy things, Benjamin as naughty as ever, Benjamin's scan results....

Thanks for keeping us updated including all the pictures. They sure look content to be snuggled together.

Our hearts overflow with and for you in thanksgiving to God for every thing He has done these last two months.

Steve, Leanne, Leah and Samuel

Kaelen's Mama said...

Thanks for the update. I have been thinking about you guys all weekend and waiting to hear how your boys are doing. I just love the picture where the 2 of them are together and the one is touching the other. What little blessings you have.

Anonymous said...

Dear Benjamin and Kyle's Mommy,

Thank you for sending the pictures. Cause they're beautiful. I really like the ear muff picture and Kyle's BLUE jammies and the purple soother.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome!!!! Stef

Anonymous said...

Greta and Gary

Wow, your boys have grown so much. It must have been awesome to have been able to try breastfeeding. God has been so good to you and your little ones. It wonderful to hear that you had a good weekend with Benjamin and Kyle.

In our thoughts and prayers
Benj, Christine and family

Betty Hansma said...

Yay for CPAP, Benjamin! What a smart kid, getting what he wants. ;)

And Kyle learning to drink from a bottle and breastfeed!

You boys just continue to surprise us with milestone after milestone.

Greta and Gary: the pic of Benjamin smiling is so awesome! You must be proud of your little guys for being so strong and determined! God is really providing answers to our prayers in ways that we like to hear and see!