Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thursday, April 5

Benjamin’s ventilator got switched today. He is on the ventilator that Kyle was on before surgery. It is just a ventilator that is easier to wean him off of. He is doing good oxygen wise. They took the dressing off his incision today. They gave him morphine before doing this but the morphine didn’t affect him as much as Kyle. Benjamin was still awake and just a little sleepy. Benjamin is still getting fed 13 ml every 2 hours and now weighs 1075 grams or 2 lbs 6 oz.

Kyle is now on CPAP:) CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. A nasal CPAP device consists of a large tube with tiny prongs that fit into the baby's nose, which is hooked to a machine that provides oxygenated air into the baby's air passages and lungs. The pressure from the CPAP machine helps keep a preemie's lungs open so he or she can breathe. However, the machine does not provide breaths for the baby, so the baby breathes on his or her own. This was very exciting and scary at the same time. When they first hooked Kyle up, he didn’t realize what was happening and started changing color. Then he realized that he had to breath and started doing good. He started making faces and grinning. The nurse said that she has never seen a baby make so many faces after being hooked up to CPAP. It was so cute. Also, when they took his neobar (the thing that holds his ventilator on his face) off, his cheeks bulged. I thought that there was something wrong and asked the nurse. She said that I had just never seen his pudgy cheeks. She assured me that nothing was wrong; his cheeks are just red from the neobar. They also took the dressing off his incision today. They gave him morphine before doing this and Kyle was very “happy”. By this I mean groggy. He is now getting fed 13 ml every 2 hours and weighs 1150 grams now or 2 lbs 9 oz.

And now to answer some questions:

Is Kyle's stomach still bloated? No, he hasn't had a problem with this anymore. They reduced his feeds at first but now he is on full feeds. They also gave him some medication for fluid retention.

Is Benjamin's face still puffy? No, this is also from fluid retention which he is on medication for.

Was Robert (the nurse) there for arrival? No, he wasn't. I think he is back on sometime later this week. He'll be very surprised at the boy's improvement. I'm sure the boys miss him.

Benjamin grabbing his ear with one hand and his lead wire with the other.

Benjamin from the back of his isolette.

Kyle in another position he likes to sleep in- hand over his head. I think his Daddy also does this sometimes. Notice the soother hanging half out of his mouth. I didn't want to wake him up by taking it away.

Kyle hiding from Mom.

Kyle after the nurse took out his ventilator and the neobar off his cheeks. If I wouldn't have been there I would probably wonder if this is the same Kyle. His cheeks are pudgy. They're red because of the neobar. The nurse had warned me to have my camera in position so I could just snap a picture after they took his ventilator off. I only had a few seconds so good thing I was in position and snapped two after each other. The first one didn't turn out so I'm glad I just pressed the button two times.
Kyle on CPAP. He was put on it at 2:30 and I phoned at 5:30 and he is still doing good. Sometimes they get put on CPAP and then have to be re-intubated (put back on the ventilator).


Anonymous said...

Dear Kyle,

Way to go! It is so wonderful to see the picture your mommy got of you with out those machines for a second or two. You sure are a cutie and we love looking at pictures of you sleeping in your little bed.

Way to go, Mommy for snapping the picture. It's a keeper. Thanks for all the pictures you shared with us today. Also thanks for the way you keep us up to date with their info. We need those explanations you attach with the big words!
Love, Steve, Leanne, Leah and Samuel

Anonymous said...

Dear Benjamin,

It's great to read that you are growing and getting better at breathing! You are so cute laying in your little bed. We really like the picture where it looks like you're plugging your ear. Were you sick of wearing the ear muffs?

We love you and Kyle both, even if you're not really ours!

Love, SLLS O.

Anonymous said...

Dear Auntie Greta
Thanks so much for all the pictures. We love looking at them, Benjamin and Kyle are very cute.
Love Nicoline

Anonymous said...

Cute! Adorable! Amazing! It is wonderful to read about and see your boys' contunued impovements! What a blessing it must be! Continued prayers as they keep getting stronger and healthier, Stef :)

Joshua van Egdom said...

Dear Gary & Greta and babies

I want the babies to get out of the hospital. I love your babies. Maybe when they come home I can teach them how to play hockey.

Love Joshua

Kaelen's Mama said...

The pictures are adorable. I'm glad to hear that your boys are making progress. I hope you and your family have a great Easter weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Greta & Gary:

Wishing you all a Very Blessed Easter!!

Thank you for keeping us up todate with all the experiences and trials and triumphs you four are going through.

Sending you are love and prayers.

Aunty Caroline, Uncle Peter, Caleb & Hannah