Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday, April 7

My boys are so CUTE!!!

They were doing really good today.

Benjamin is still on his ventilator. They had hoped to put him on CPAP yesterday but thought it was too soon. They turned down his breathes per minute and his blood gas came back high. They want to wean him off the ventilator slowly by turning down his breathes per minute. We went to visit them tonight and I had my hands on Benjamin's head and feet. This is his favourite thing! He was calm but yet gently kicking against my hand. He put his one hand up above his head and felt my hand. He likes to feel my hand. Well, after a little while I took my hands off him because I wanted to visit with Kyle. He did not like this idea at all. He started crying and squirming. So I put my hands back on him and he immediately fell asleep. After a little while I took my hands off him again and put his teddy from Auntie Ali & Uncle Tim on his feet. He stayed sleeping. Auntie Ali & Uncle Tim's teddy has really come in handy. The nurses use it to prop up his ventilator tubing, calm Benjamin, and for Benjamin to snuggle with.

Kyle was doing amazing today. After only one day on CPAP, he has now been switched to High-Flo. There is only one more step after High-Flo and then he will be breathing totally on his own. What an amazing recovery after surgery! I got to hold Kyle tonight. He was very calm and looking around. He smiles a lot now when myself or Gary talks to him. He really enjoyed being held. It's so much easier now that he is on High-Flo: not as many wires and tubing to worry about. When he went back in the isolette he missed me because he started crying. So I calmed him down before we left.

Anothing exciting thing happened today!!!:) We weren't there for this but Robert told us all about it. Curious now??? Robert took some pictures of it. Kyle went for a visit with Benjamin!!!! Robert put Kyle in Benjamin's isolette. We were told that they both loved it. Kyle had his arm around Benjamin. They were both satting good. Maybe they'll go for another visit pretty soon since they liked it so much.


tim & alice said...

Gary & Greta,

Yes, your boys are sooo cute. Its so good to hear they are doing so well...and the both of you too! you are very special parents to Benjamin and Kyle and that sure shows in the pictures you put in the blog. Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to keep us updated.

love tim & alice

Betty Hansma said...

Wow, Greta and Gary! What a great post! It sounds like you guys had an awesome day with your boys!

So when we were talking about smiles the other day... sounds like they're real, huh?

And the surgery is already making such a difference to their breathing!

I hope your boys get to visit each other often. That's so cool! Get those photos posted for us when you get them from Robert, k?

Happy Easter!
love Ollie and Betty

Kaelen's Mama said...

I'm so glad that you had a good day with you boys. God is blessing your family so much. Thank you for sharing your experiences with it! You are inspiring parents.

Anonymous said...

To baby ben and baby kyles mommy and daddy
now that we know what to do (geek, i know) we can send you a thankyou!! Your album is gorgeous, what a gift for those boys when they're older. Glad that you're doing well, you both seem to be beaming. Isn't it great that you have a Savior that you can trust for everything. Remember that His eye is on the sparrow, how much more is He taking care of all of you and the boys needs. Have an awesome sunday.
Love the Rosebooms