Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well, here are some pictures as promised:

Benjamin being transported to Children's. The nurse beside in the blue outfit is Robert. He is the one that is "in love" with our kids. He is one of our primary nurses and is so great. He is so good to our kids and us.

The ITT (Infant Transport Team) making sure everything is alright with Kyle and getting a few last minute details done before they head out to Children's.

Benjamin after surgery. He is sedated here and his face is quite puffy because of the morphine and fluid retention. They have given him some medication for that and he is not puffy anymore.

Kyle after surgery. The pink color you see on his skin is the cleaning solution used after surgery.

Another picture of Benjamin after surgery. He sure loves sleeping on his tummy. That is allowed in the hospital because he is monitored but when he goes in a crib they have to break him of this habit.

Another picture of Kyle after surgery. He loves to hold his chin and be swaddled in a blanket.

Benjamin's isolette that he got tranferred back to RCH in.

Kyle's isolette that he got transferred back to RCH in.


Anonymous said...

Dear Greta & Gary,
Thanks for the pictures! It's a great way to check up on my latest grandchildren. Praise God for taking care of Benjamin and Kyle during surgery and their move back "home" to RCH! I will continue to pray for the 4 of you.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Greata,

Thank you for the pictures. It is so great to see them doing "normal" baby things like snuggling/sleeping in their favorite positions.

We continue to pray in thanksgiving for each positive report, asking God to stregthen them more each day.

God bless and keep you and Gary, also.
Love, Steve, Leanne, Leah and Sam

tim and inge said...

Dear Gary and Greta,
What beautiful boys you have! They have grown since the last pictures!It is so wonderful to see their progress and learn to understnad their little characters already, like tummy sleeping and chin holding ;) Continue to stay strong and remember our Maker cares even for the little sparrow and we can definately see how He holds you and your little family in His hands.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary and Greta:

Thank you so very much for the pictures!! Bet Robert is so excited to have them back "home". Was he there for their arrival back? I remember he was hoping to be there.
All the best and God Bless you all.

:) Lydia, Gerald and girls.