Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pictures from yesterday

Here are some pictures that we took yesterday. We don't have the ones from Robert yet but we'll post them when we get them.

Kyle on High Flow ventilation now. He was trying to pull it off his face last night. I guess he thinks he's big enough to have nothing now that he's off the vent.

Kyle being held by Mommy and also fed through the gavage feeding tube.

Benjamin being jealous that he couldn't be held. It's hard with his vent to hold him.


Anonymous said...

Dear Greta & Gary,
Nice to see the boys here on the computer at Birchwood. The residents here like to see them too. I pray for them every day.
Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Dear Greta & Gary,
How awesome! We serve a great God! What miracles! Can't wait to see Robert's photos. Hope I get to see some smiles on Wednesday! Can't wait!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Greta & Gary:

Your boys are so precious!

I find it very touching to see you actually holding them. We take things sometime so for granted.

They sure have come a long way!

blessings to you all

Lots of Luv
Aunty Caroline Uncle Peter Caleb & Hannah Langbroek

Betty Hansma said...

Yay for your clothes, Kyle!
I'll bet Benjamin's jealous of your stylin' outfit. ;)
love Auntie Betty