Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wednesday, April 4

Benjamin was doing good today. He is still in a bit of pain from the surgery and is getting Tylenol every four hours. He seems very gassy right now and was very mad when he had to poop. He doesn’t like dirty diapers at all. He threw a big temper tantrum. Poor little guy! Life is so rough for him right now. He is doing a bit better on his oxygen requirements but still needs a lot of help. He is mostly at 35 – 40 % oxygen set at 60 breaths per minute. He is on a volume guarantee. He was wearing an earmuff most of the day, as it is very noisy in his pod. He is getting fed 13 ml every 2 hours. They have added iron and vitamin D to his feeds. He weighs 1080 grams now.

Kyle is doing really well. He is also in pain still and getting Tylenol every four hours. His oxygen requirements are very good. His is on a pressure support ventilator, which means that it only breathes with him and has a back up of 20 breaths per minute. He is mostly breathing on his own. J They might try extubating him tomorrow. Then he would be on the “high flow” or “c-pap” ventilator. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow which one. He is getting fed 12 ml every 2 hours and is also getting Vitamin D and iron. He weighs 1060 grams.

I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow and take some more pictures as I know a lot of you like pictures.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gary & Greta,

I check your blog every day, anxiously waiting for more good news about your boys! You mentioned more pictures and I can't wait!! I am glad to hear that they are both doing well after their surgery! You four are amazing!

Lots of Love & Prayers -

Karen Vriezen & Kevin Dykstra

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary and Greta:

Praise God for answering our prayers. The boys seem to have come great through surgery! Is Kyle's stomach still bloated? And how about Benjamin's face - is it still a bit puffy? Great to hear that they are back "home" - near to the nurses that they "know" so well - and also not as far away for you guys to travel. I also can't wait to see more pictures. We continue to pray for you 4!

Love Gerald and Lydia and girls.

Anonymous said...

Wow Greta and Gary,

Reading the story of you and your two boys is an emotional roller coaster. You two have been given some super natural strength to deal with this. I love the pictures, your boys are sooo very very cute. Steven and I have kept you in our prayers.

Melissa and Steven Kendzierski

Anonymous said...

Lieve Gretha en Gary,
Wij dragen jullie elke dag op aan de Heer en jullie kinderen.We zijn blij dat het de goede kant op gaat.Gods zegen en gezegende paasdagen toegewenst van Joop en Jennie Feijen