Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday, April 9

Benjamin was doing okay today. When I came in his breaths per minute was set at 36 with his oxygen at 30% (21% is room air). However, throughout the day he became a bit unsettled and started desatting a lot. So then they turned his breaths per minute up to 40 with his oxygen at 46 %. The nurses weren’t sure what was wrong with him. He did have water in his ventilation tubing, which caused him to have a brady (heart rate below 100). He was also fighting sleep a lot of the time. He was a bit better when I left and I’m hoping he has a good night.

Kyle was a little pale when I came there. I got to hold him for 1 ½ hours today:) At first he didn’t like the position the nurse put him in but when I held him up against my chest he settled down. It was so sad to hear him cry. Now he makes all these cute little noises when he’s trying to get comfy. I also brought him his clothes from Mommy & Daddy and Uncle Glenn, Auntie Evelyn, Joshua & Levi. He wore Mommy & Daddy’s outfit for the first time today. I thought it was such a small outfit but it was still huge on him. Just before I left the nurse took his temperature and it was 38.3 (supposed to be between 36.5 & 37.5). They are going to do a CBC (Complete Blood Count - a lab test that measures red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets: often the first indicator of possible infection) and check if he has an infection:(. The paleness and high temperature combined worry the nurses a bit so they just want to make sure he doesn’t have an infection. I hope and pray that he doesn’t. He wasn’t listless so that is a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for your boys! I hope they both feel better soon. Stef

alice said...

Gary & Greta,

Its so nice to hear you excited about putting Kyle's first outfits on and that you could hold him today. Benjamin and Kyle are always in our prayers-hope the tests go well.
ps. could you please explain what "listless" is?

love tim & alice

Anonymous said...

Gary &Greta,
Hi from Sharon VandeBurgt (Flokstra). Heard about your boys through my sis-in-law, Teresa.We have 2 kids, and could only imagine the stress,anxeity your going through. Heartfelt prayers are for you 4. May God con't to bless you with peace

sharilyn van ruitenburg said...

Gary & Greta

My girls and I love checking this page and learning how your two amazing little boys are doing! (the girls love the pictures!)Thanks so much for putting this out for all of us to see! We pray for your boys and you both - that God will continue to help your little family grow big and strong!
Hugs to your precious sons!